Belcher Y-DNA Project: Origin Unknown

Though there are 3 lineages for this first group of Belchers, they are all very closely related (highest genetic distance is 2). We believe there is a common ancestor for all three lines but he has yet to be identified.

This group (of only one so far) is particularly interesting. A book by W.H. Belcher and J.W. Belcher (THE BELCHER FAMILY IN ENGLAND AND AMERICA) was published in 1941. The authors did extensive research, but more recent research has overturned some of their assumptions. In particular, they assumed that the Belchers in Susquehanna County, PA (see above), were related to the Belchers in Orange County, NY -- the family they discuss in their book. For decades, genealogists have tried to find this connection. DNA has finally solved this mystery. The participant below has a paper trail leading back to the Orange County, NY, Belchers. The two groups are NOT relatated after all. In fact, each group has a different haplogroup. A lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to make a connection that does not exist.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the paper trail for this participant is incorrect. We hope others who claim descent from the Orange County, NY, Belchers will decide to participate in our project.

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