Belcher Y-DNA Project: Early Belchers in America

In the book "THE BELCHER FAMILY IN ENGLAND AND AMERICA" by William Henry Belcher and Joseph Warren Belcher (Detroit, MI; 1941), the authors cite an article by Joseph Gardner Bartlett in the NEHG Register (p 353, date not available), which states:

"'There were five persons [Belchers] who settled in New England before 1650. . . .' They are named: Edward of Boston, Jeremy of Ipswich, Gregory of Braintree, Andrew ..., and Thomas of Kittery."

From this brief quote, many Belcher researchers have concluded that there were 5 brothers who came to America before 1650. However, not only does the text NOT make that claim, but this Y-DNA project clearly demonstrates that there are many, many Belcher families throughout the world who originated in the British Isles that have no relationship to each other. (See the Results Table.) We may eventually find participants with documented roots in Europe and elsewhere. Please help correct this misconception whereever you may find it!

The genealogies on this page, submitted by participants, are those of Gregory and Jeremiah (Jeremy).

All who visit this page should view the information as an EXPERIMENT, not as source material. Those who blindly copy this type of information assuming it to be factual not only reveal themselves to be poor genealogists, but spread disinformation far and wide over the internet.

Participant FM378 has a non-Belcher surname, but was not matching anyone in his actual surname group. He was able to find potential matches in the Jeremiah group using genetic distances. His experience is described more fully in the Genetic Distances Primer page.

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