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Blanche Fishel

Taken from 1953 Tower

We, the Seniors of '53, wish to dedicate our "Tower" to Mrs. Blanche Fishel in appreciateion for her splendid work in making the instrumental music department, of our school , the notable organization that it is today.

Mrs. Fishel graduated from Skidmore College in 1935 with a B.S. degree in music. She taught at Henderson before coming here, as a fulltime instructor, five years ago.

At that time, there were eighteen members in the Senior Band of Belleville Central School. Since that time, the number has increased to fifty members besides a good-sized Junior Band. Under her supervision, the Senior Band has participated in many parades and won a name for itself as a snappy and smart looking marching band. Also Mrs. Fishel has increased teh musicianship of the instrumental department. As a result of her training, most band members can now sigh-read music and have learned the fundementals of rhythm and timing.

Again the Seniors of '53 salute Mrs. Fishel, for to us she is a living example of our motto: "Seek Harmony".