Index to Benedict Family (History) News Volume I through Volume V Indexed by Wayne Campbell  or Volume VI and VII (thru VII - no. 2) Indexed by Mary Alice Benedict Grindol * * Only names are indexed in Volume VI and VII

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Some general search advice from the indexers:

If you are searching for William, search for William, Bill, Billy, W., and William A., William B. et cetera. This holds true for every name in this index.

There are many nicknames in this index, for example, Polly for Mary.

And that classic advice: names can (and are) spelled many different ways. Search for as many different spellings as you can think of.

* Volumes are indicated as in this example: Volume I, Number 2, Page 8 is shown as I-2-8.

* This index shows one entry per person, per page. Be advised that any individual can be on any listed page more than once.

* With very few exceptions, every name, place, and article is included in this index. Historical figures with no personal link to the persons listed in the Benedict Family News, are not listed. Books and authors are not indexed unless the text significantly discusses a Benedict family member or the author is a Benedict family member. Book titles will be italicized. Places relating to the addresses of query submitters, authors of articles, or locations of family reunions are not indexed.

* Localities, including cemeteries, churches and waterways are indexed under the state or country.

* Family stories, letters, mementos, etc., are grouped under FAMILY LORE AND MEMORABILIA.

* Military battles, prisons, and units are cited under the name of the war involved. There is also a separate listing for MILITARY.

* There are also separate index listings for BOOKS, CHURCHES, COMPILATIONS, and PHOTOS.

* Women are cross-referenced under both maiden and married names where possible. For example:

Married Name: Benedict, Hannah (Smith), I-2-8

Maiden Name: Smith, Hannah, I-2-8

(When a search of the index shows a women under her married name, also search for her maiden name. There may be different entries there.)

If a woman's maiden name is unknown, she will be listed only once, but identified as in the following example:

  • Benedict, Susan (w. of Thomas), I-2-8

    If a woman in listed in a census, she will only be indexed by the name shown in the census. For example, if a census compilation shows a Prudence Benedict in the U.S. census in NY in 1850, she will be indexed as below:

    Benedict, Prudence (r. 1850 NY) V-2-27

    (She is probably the wife of Samuel B. also listed in this census, but there is no way for the indexer to determine this from this record.)

  • * Other individuals of unknown surname are presented at the beginning of the index.

    * Where possible, individuals will be identified by an event, place, year(s), occupation modifiers. For example, if a Thomas Benedict was born in Ohio in 1894, the index will show:

    Benedict, Thomas (b. 1894 OH), I-1-2

    If a person was identified as being born in 1894 and dying in 1959, the index will show:

    Benedict, Mary (1894-1959), I-1-2

    The modifier used is from the actual entry being indexed. That is, if the same individual is shown as born in Ohio in 1894 in Volume I, and is shown in Volume II as dying in Lancaster, PA in 1959, two index entries will be generated. For example:

    Benedict, Thomas (b. 1894 OH), I-1-2

    Benedict, Thomas (d. 1959 PA), II-1-1

    These abbreviations are used:

    1812 Vet veteran of War of 1812
    aft. after
    B in A Genealogy of Benedicts in America
    b. born
    bapt. baptized
    bef. before
    bio. biography
    bur. buried
    ca. about
    CW Vet Civil War Veteran
    d. died
    h. husband
    m. married
    Mex Vet Mexican War Veteran
    Nor Vital Rec  Norwalk Vital Records
    Pass & Imm1 Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, Filbey, P. William, et al 
    r. resided 
    Rev. Vet Revolutionary War Veteran
    Rid Vital Rec Ridgefield CT Vital Records
    SP? spelling is uncertain
    step ch.  step child
    w. wife

    [1. These entries will be as follows: Pass & Imm (place of record or destination) (year).]

    The Postal Service, two letter abbreviations will be used for all states.

    * Military rank and other titles will only be shown if the given name is unknown. The rank or title will be italicized.

    * Unknown given names will be shown as [--?--], as in the following example.

    Smith, [--?--], I-1-2

    * Variously spelled names will be indexed together, as in the following example.

    Benedict (Benadict, Bennedict, Bennidick)

    Thomas (1789-1850), I-1-3

    William (b. 1852 PA), I-1-4

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