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Welcome to Benedict Topics, devoted entirely to, well, Benedict topics.
So, you may ask, just what is a Benedict topic? Basically, it's almost anything of interest pertaining to the name of, and family of, Benedict -- past, present, and even future. This should be of special interest both to many members of the Benedict family and related families, and to other researchers of various kinds of information, whether literary, historical, scientific, genealogical, etc.

Therefore, Benedict Topics  is primarily a repository of specialized, name-related information; a different sort of site: an active, growing collection, a kind of virtual filing cabinet or scrapbook, of Benedict items.

And now! Benedict Topics is one of several gateways to the
Benedict Surname DNA Project.
Select the DNA Project's link in the lefthand column for more information!

Links to other Benedict-related websites: We suggest that you check out the following sites that provide features not offered here at Benedict Topics. What they do offer are forums for discussions or debate, and means to leave queries for Benedict family information.

Note: If you have a Benedict-related website that you would like to list here,
please contact the Webmaster of Benedict Topics (see below).

•  BENEDICT-L mail list   at RootsWeb.com.  Select button Browse the Benedict archives.
   (Latest month gives most recent messages.)

•  Benedict Surname Message Board   at RootsWeb.com / Ancestry.com (same listing)

•  Benedict Family Genealogy Forum   (called GenForum) at Genealogy.com.

•  Benedict Family History News  archive only (BFHN is now inactive).

•  The Benedict Clan   is operated by a Canadian member of the Benedict Family
who is also a participating
   member of the Benedict Surname DNA Project. His site primarily details Benedict and related families of Canada.

Contact the Benedict Topics Webmaster:   Email to Robert Benedict

Please Note: We shall try to reply within a few days to queries placed in the Guestbook that are related to Benedict Topics and the Benedict Surname DNA Project. And while we shall certainly discuss here topics of genealogy and history pertaining to the many Benedict family lines, please understand that, as much as we'd like, we are unable to pursue research on behalf of individuals (very sorry -- we just haven't the necessary time).

We hope that you will find Benedict Topics   to be interesting and useful.
Please help us improve the site by suggesting things you would like to see here.
Now take a look at what we do offer. Select a link in the lefthand Index column.

Oh!  And don't forget to Please Sign Our Guestbook!

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