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About this Site
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Our Name is Benedict
• Etymology
• Some English Naming Categories
• Primary Source of Our Surname: St Benedict
• Development of Our Surname
• Norfolk, England: the Ancient Family Seat

Thomas Benedict's Origins -- Updated
• The First Benedict Genealogy
• A "Benedeke" - Hunlock Marriage
• A Benedict - Bridgham Marriage
• Yet Another Mother For Thomas B.
• Back to East Anglia
• Two Competing Theories, One Clear Winner
• Where Theory and Reality Meet
• The Present Dilemma
• From Where I Stand

Five Generations from George Benedict, Sr. (1520)
• Part of John Speede's 1610 Map of Norfolk, England
• Part of John Speede's 1610 Map of Suffolk, England
• The George Benedict, Sr. Family
• The George Benedict, Jr. Family
• The William Benedict Family
• The Thomas Benedict Family

Who Really Were Thomas Benedict and Mary Bridgham?
• James Benedict's Genealogy of 1755
• Coddington's Article
• Assumptions of History
• Many Mysteries

Documents and Wills
• Early Benedict Wills

Benedict Surname DNA Project
• Portal to the Benedict Surname DNA Project Website
• Announcements

Benedict Surname DNA Homepage
• What is a Surname DNA Project?
• The Benedict Project's Objectives
• Eligibility to Join the Project?
• Surnames Included in the Project?

DNA Project Test Results
• Master Table

Discussion of Results
• Recent Results
• The Benedict Haplotype
• A new Ancestry Chart
• About Marker DYS449 and Other Fast-Evolving

DNA Testing and Family Tree DNA
• About Family Tree DNA
• Our Recommendation
• How to Join the Project
• Disclaimer
• Privacy

Important Reference Materials
• Online Sources
• Recommended Reading

Department of Benedict Miscellany
• The U.S. Census and the Benedict Family
• The Most Compact Family?
• The Industrious Benedicts of Fairfield County

Leaves From Our Tree
• Connect to My RootsWeb Site
• Who Was Aaron Jehu Benedict?

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