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The purpose of this site is to collate as much information regarding the Benjafield family as possible and to make it readily available to all interested individuals. It represents the results of years of research by various members of the RootsWeb Benjafield Mailing list and the Benjafield One Name Study group.


Please feel free to amend, correct or add to any part of the site.

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The Copyright of some of the data and  pictures on this site is held by third parties. It is published here with the proviso that it is only to be used for personal research and not for any profit. If you wish to use any data or pictures as inclusions in any profit-making publications or distributions, please contact me first and I can contact the original owner for permission.  In the case of all Parish Register information, the copyright  is held by the Somerset Archives, (  and you MUST contact them for permission to use the data in any profit-making publication or distribution.


Oh! I nearly forgot : The data on this website cannot be guaranteed in anyway. Don’t assume that any of it is 100% accurate.

You are advised to cross-check any data you find on this site with other sources before starting anything that is going to cost you money!

Don’t blame me, I warned you!



Outline Descendant Tree for John & Priscilla Benjafield


Eventually, we would like to make this a kind of “master” tree for John & Priscilla’s descendants.

To start with, this is my version of it. I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes, please feel free to correct me.



Civil Registration & Parish Records.


These three sections contain all of the Benjafield related Parish Register and Civil Registration records I’ve been able to collect.


Birth Records


Marriage Records


Death Records



Census Transcripts



Photographs of People


Photographs of Places: Not Active Yet



Links : Not Active Yet



Site History


Don’t expect any fancy “bells and whistles” on this site!

Its purpose is to share information and to that end it is designed to let you get to the info you want as quickly and easily as possible.

Hope it helps you

Dave Benjafield

5th December 2004