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This site is dedicated to the memory of my late wife of 39 years,
Linda June Miller Benson. The Miller and Isbell pages are her family.

Linda June Miller Benson
1939 - 2001

The Benson Archives and Related Families

      This site is for sharing my research into my family, both my wife's and my own. In doing this research, I have found out much about my family's origins as well as their traditions, values, and their hopes. This site is dedicated to our children who knowingly or unknowingly are the heirs of the facts and stories found in the following pages. This site will be a work in progress, and will be updated as new or corrected information comes available. It is my hope that others will review my work and will query me of errors or additions needed. It is my desire to communicate with persons having connection to any of these family lines, and it is my hope that they will share with me their lines. In my research, I follow both my direct line as well as collateral lines, as I find that some in the collateral lines have information on my direct line that is unknown to me.

      The principal surnames being researched and shared on the following pages are: BENSON, NORTON, JAHNKE, BENNETT, ISBELL (ISBILL), MILLER, CLARKE, WALLINGFORD, and LEMMON just to name a few. There will be many others added as my research continues.

      I have been actively researching my family for over twenty years, with times of high activity and times of low activity. I am computer based in my research and have been since personal computers were available. My first computer was one I built from a kit. I have used mainly three genealogy programs since I started: first was Roots® for the CPM® operating system, then there was PAF® for DOS® (several versions), and finally I converted to a Windows® program, Ancestral Quest® (PAF® was too slow to change it's DOS® format to Windows®). I have found Ancestral Quest® to meet the needs of my style of research and documentation. While some purists would frown on my style of documentation, I have found it very readable and informative to imbed the reference in question in the body of my notes on that particular reference. I hope others will enjoy my research and find it informative.

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  • Clarke Family Page
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