AJ's Stuff

AJ's Stuff

Hello. My name is AJ. I like dogs, since i made this when i was 10 and this is my first website, it may ot be perfect. But, oh well! I have some pictures of my dogs down there.. ... ... ok, so they are stufed but that is only because my mom and sister are alergic to dogs. Don't ya hate it whan that happends? My favorite kind of food is corn dogs. My favorite kind of dog is Golden retriver. I also play the piano. I started when I was 9 and I'm going thrugh the boks very fast. My two favorite computer games are The Sims Online and Diablo II. My favorite PS2 game is Kingdom hearts (even though im not very far in it!).

all my 19 dogs these are all of my dogies! I have 3 black labs, 3 german shepards, 4 irsh setters, and 6 golden retrivers

this is bowser and his mate, Rose this is Bowser and his mate, Rose. I got bowser from my Aunt Sally,she's a family friend.
She gave me Rose too. Before Bowser had a name, I wouldn't stop hugging him, so my dad said, "if you dont go to bed now, im going to have to take bowser out to teh shed!" so i said "His name's not bowser!" "well, then what is it?" and we went thruogh a bunch of name s until i said "you know, Bowser is a good nme for him!" so that's where he got his name!

this is bowser, a golden retriever this is just another picture of Bowser, but not just his head!

this is huston, his mate, arah ,and their pupies, cinnanom ,ginger, and wiggles These irish setters are fussy, i realy like the ears!

this is pankakes, his mate, christn, and their pupies, Jak, Emy, and Dak you may not see this but 2 of the pupies have markings on there nose's.
the one with it going up is Jak, the one with it going out the sides, and emy dosent have any at all!

this is Fluffy (the big one) adn puffy (the small one)

this is rex,his mate, emily, their kid, Chocolate, and Emiys mom, Sharleen

this is snuggles, my newest puppy Snuggles, my newest puppy.