Stories from Memories Past

Stories from Memories Past

By selecting these stories (links) you will be provided a picture of life in Northwest Missouri, starting with the history of ancestors in Scotland and England, how they made their way to Canada and to the mid-west, and you'll be given a feeling of what life was like In Andrew and Gentry counties in the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. You'll find more stories linked to the Bennett family page, like an aerial view of the Bennett farm from which you can see Osage Orange (hedge), and what is probably a "buffalo wallow".

The story begins:

  • Thomas Bennett a Patriarch

  • Andrew Bennett Coming to America

  • John Bennett a Ministers Life

  • Charles Bennett Goes West to Homestead

  • Andrew, brother of Charles Bennett

  • Andrew Bennett a Pioneer in Andrew County

  • Curtis Bennett, Son of a Pioneer

  • Dorothy (Bennett) Bermond, Daughter of a Pioneer

  • Wilton Bennett, Leaves the Prairie for Banking

  • Jessie (Bennett) Crawford - A Biography through photograph Albums

  • John Bennett, Leaving the Farm

  • Bank Robbers, The Plague and a cyclone

  • Other Reports of the above Tornadoes and the Plague

  • Nugent Family Coming to Missouri

  • Osage Orange, A Miracle or a Scourge?

  • Pickles and Dexter, a Story of Horses
  • Aerial view and pictures of Bennett farm

  • Star Chapel Methodist Church

  • Empire community, More than just Churches