Gossett Family History

Gossett Family History

Jean Gossett is the first documented Gossett, we know nothing about him, nor his son John Gossett, other than the latter was born in 1699.

Jean had a son William Gossett, born 1726, died 1790, Randoph Co. N.C.

William's son was Thomas Gossett, born 1749 Frederick Co Va., died 1832.

Thomas had a son named Thomas Gossett born 1787 died 1858, Guilford Co. N.C.

Thomas's son Joshua Gossett was born 1817. Joshua was married in 1841 to Sarah Williams and died in 1883.

Joshua and Sarah had a son, John Franklin Gossett born 1853 in Greensboro, N.C. John Franklin was married in 1876 to Martha Lednum and died 1924 in Greensboro.

John and Martha had the following children:
  • Robert Plato Gossett, born in 1877 and he married Charlotte A. Fields.

  • Joshua Brison Gossett
  • born Septemer 22, 1889 in Greensboro. He married Myrtle Ruth Oshel October 29, 1910. Joshua Bryson died November 13, 1978. Myrtle was born September 21, 1894 at De Soto, Kansas to Mary Jane Rhanord and James Oshel and died June 23, 1976.

    Joshua Bryson Gossett and Myrtle had the following children:

  • Joshua Scott Gossett
  • who was born December 27, 1913 in Stanberry, Gentry Co. Missouri. Joshua Scott married Noma McMillan on December 23, 1933 and he died April 20, 1992 in Maysville, Mo. (Dekalb co.).

  • Minnie Ester
  • was born October 21, 1918. She died November 6, 1918.

  • George David
  • was born September 17, 1920. He died February 4, 1926

  • Mary Jean
  • was born January 29, 1923. Mary Jean married Kenneth Sleeth August 11, 1942.

    Joshua Scott and Noma had three girls:

  • Roena
  • married Ralph Fletcher and have one child Catherine.

  • Helen Jean
  • married John Bennett, and they have two sons, Craig and David.

  • Ruth
  • married Gerald Owen, and they have 4 children. Sherry, Mike, Christine, and Douglas.

    The names of the children of this last generation will be found at WorldConnect, under the Bennett family history.

    Note: The information for Joshua Bryson Gossett and his children came from his family Bible.