McMillan Family History

McMillan Family History

Robert McMillan married Linda Groom (daughter of James Groom and Rebecca Adams) in 1866. He was an extremely tall man, probably 6'6" or more. That is all we know of him now other than that he had a son, Druery Wiley McMillan (1884-1969).

Druery McMillan was a farmer in Dekalb County Missouri, and was the County Sheriff during prohibition. Druery married Anna Belle Eulinger December 6, 1903. Anna Belle Eulinger was born March 22, 1884 near Maysville, Missouri to Henry and Francis Eulinger. Anna Belle died April 30, 1922 at the St. Joseph Hospital in St. Joseph, Missouri. Druery and Anna Belle had 11 children.
  • Fern aged 3 died 1913

  • Unknown infant daughter preceeded Fern in death by three days.

  • Fount

  • Bert

  • Lloyd

  • Clay

  • Noma

  • Alvin

  • Dorothy

  • Carl

  • Helen

  • Most of the McMillan children grew quite tall, and the boys were successful football players. Some of the children were born in California, however the family moved back to Missouri in 1914. About half of the children moved back to California as adults, the remainder stayed in DeKalb County Missouri. Noma was the oldest daughter.

    Anna Belle's surviving siblings at the time of her death were: Mrs. Samuel Wright, Pattonsberg, Mo., Mrs Herbert Miles, Stamberry, Chester Eulinger, Maysville, Mo., and Mrs. Carl Searcy, Pattonsberg. She was also survived by her mother, now Mrs. J.D. Jeffries of Weatherby, MO.

    Noma married Joshua Scott Gossett. They had three girls, Roena, Helen, and Ruth. (see Gossett Family History).

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