Smith Family History

Elijah M. Smith was born in Indiana in 1811, he married Susanna Copple, and lived in a log cabin near Savannah, Missouri. He died in 1870. They had a son, John C. Smith.

John C. Smith was born in 1851 in Indiana. He married Lila Jane Goforth, and died in 1933 near Savannah, Missouri. They had a son, Melvin Orville Smith.

Melvin Orville Smith, better known as Orville was born in 1884. He married Edna Anna Tolle in 1908 and died in 1975 (est). They had a son, Robert Orville Smith, and a daughter, Aleen Pearl Smith.

Aleen Smith was born in 1909, married Joseph Curtis Bennett in 1934 and died in 1970. They had two sons, Wilton, and John. See Bennett family history.

Robert Orville Smith was born in 1915, married Dorothy Louise Rash in 1937, and had three children - Jacqueline, Rita, and James Robert (J.R).

Here's a more complete listing of the Elijah Smith family


Born in Indiana, December 11, 1811, reared on a farm and followed that occupation all his life. At the age of 23 he contracted marriage with Miss Susanna Copple and to this union 10 children were born. Jacob, Jane, Catherine, Eliza, Joseph, William, Mary, John, George and Clara.

In 1842 he came to Missouri with his family in the “covered wagon style” homesteading 160 acres from the government at $1.25 per acre. Located in Andrew County near Savannah. With his saw and ax he chopped the trees and hewed the logs to build a 2-room log house in which they both lived until their death. He died August 26, 1870 and his wife April 4, 1904.

Some of the most interesting things are the “Old Log Cabin” which still stands. The title to the farm has been changed but once and that was to his sons, John C., and George W., with the obligation that they take care of their mother while she lived. George relieved himself of this obligation by transferring his interest in the farm to his older brother John and in whose name the title stood until his death February 28, 1933 and by his will the farm remains in his wife’s control while she lives. At the present time she and her oldest son Elmer still live on the place. (This was written approximately 1940)

Jacob C. Smith, born March 11, 1835; died December 1869 – never married.

Catherine Rhodes, born May 27, 1837 and died Nov 1926. To her 4 children were born: Newton, Rebecca Mary and Addie.

Jane Rhodes, born December 26l, 1839 and died March 18, 1930. To her 4 children were born: Susan, Douglas, Molly, and John.

Eliza Rhodes, born January 31, 1842 and died Sept 2, 1923. To her 13 children were born: Lila, Mary Sigel, George, Richard, John, Lilly, Margaret. Pete, Charles, Lente, Jack and Villee.

Joseph Smith, born May 7, 1844 and died October 11, 1936. To him was born 2 children: George and Lydia.

William Smith, born June 12, 1846 and died, Oct 14, 1924. (See notes later on). To him 7 children were born: John, Anna, Ella, Alden, Frederick, Claude and Roy.

Mary Gofarth, (Goforth?) born Oct 20, 1848 and died Jan 31, 1931. To her 6 children were born: Dora, William, James, Charles, Myrtle, Etta, Maude and Grace.

John C. Smith, born Jan 27, 1851 and died, Feb 28, 1933. It is said that his mother smoked a clay pipe, one day she left it on the fireplace mantle, John found it and went out behind the house and tried to smoke it. He became deathly sick and never smoked the rest of his life. To him 5 children were born: Clemma, Everett, Orville, Roy, and Elmer.

George W. Smith, born March 6, 1853 and died July 26, 1926. To him 5 children were born: James, Dora, Gertrude, Jesse, Clyde and Frank.

Clara Waugh, born May 28, 1855, lived until Jun 26, 1946. To her 3 children were born: Inez, Nobe, and Joda.

William X. Smith, born June 12, 1846 on the Old Homestead in Andrew County, Mo. When he reached the age of 18 he enlisted in the Union Army of the Civil War and served till its close, receiving an honorable discharge. At the close of the War he was allowed to keep his blue Army suit, which he wore on all G.A.R. occasions and preserved it for 60 years, and when he saw life’s journey was near an end he requested that he wear it for the last time on Oct. 14, 1924, which was granted.

Note: Orville Smith is believed to be the last child born in the old log cabin, per Robert Smith, his son.


Born June 12, 1846 on the “Old Homestead” aforementioned, grew to manhood and carried on the occupation of farming all his life. On Jan 20, 1868 he contracted marriage with Miss Emile Jane Dobbs of the community and to this union 7 children were born: John, Abram, Cynthia Ann, Ella Mary, Joseph Alden, Fredrick Russell, Claude Calvin, and Roy Alden. March 1, 1976 he moved with his family to Clearmont, Mo., living there 2 years, then moving 6 miles Southeast of Maryville, Mo., in Nodaway County on “Jones Branch” where he lived 20 years and his family all grew to manhood and womanhood. His wife died April 21, 1911 in Maryville, Mo. After her death he made his home with his oldest daughter Cynthia Ann until his death October 15 1924. During the 20 years at “Jones’ Branch” his children completed their grammar school educations, then driving back and forth to Maryville until they completed their High School education, and all became schoolteachers.

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