Tolle Family History

Erastus Dudley Tolle, (1843-1913) married Angeline Buis (1848-1935). A daughter, Edna Anna Tolle was born August 12,1887, and Married Melvin Orville Smith May 14, 1908. Their daughter, Aleen Pearl Smith married Joseph Curtis Bennett (See Bennett family page for children and additional history). Their son, Robert Orville Smith married Dorothy Rash. (See Smith family page for children and history). Another son died in infancy.

Ollie Tolle

Reddin Tolle is the first Tolle of which we have record. We do know he had a son, Erastus Dudley Tolle (picture above, left) who was born 4 Sept 1843, and married Mary Angeline Buis (picture lower left) 5 December 1865, and died in 1913. They had four children, Robert Edward, John Franklin, Ollie May (see picture above), and Edna Anna.