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Homepage for Bereskin Families

Welcome to the Bereskin Family Webpage! Related names are Breskin, Berezkin, Vereskin, and possibly Briskin. The name comes from the Berezina River, which runs along the east side of Bobruisk, Belarus, and it means "white birch trees."

We have a Bereskin surname DNA project at Family Tree DNA. If you are a male Bereskin, Breskin, Berezkin, Vereskin, etc., in a direct line of male Bereskins, you are a good candidate for this project! We still need representatives not known to be connected to the Alaska, Winnipeg or Chicago Bereskins. We are doing the 12-marker tests, which are about $100. If you are interested in participating in the project, please go to familytreedna.com and do a Project Search that equals Bereskin. Thank you! Linda Wolfe Kelley.

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