The Clavell Family





William Clavell
Jane Kaines Clavell


A Walter de Clavile, is mentioned in the Domesday Book, as 'tenant in chief' in large parts of Devon as well as  having five Lordships,  in Alfrington, Knoll, Holme, Combe and East Morden in Dorset
This was a very large and complex family, the descendants of Walter de Clavile of this Dorset branch of the family living mainly in villages in the Isle of Purbeck, there are over 800 recorded names in Dorset alone.
Through marriage dowries the family inherited lands and manors, in Kimmeridge and Smedmore from Joanna Wyatt, and in Godlingston from Alice Talbot.
Leeston, Barneston and Godlingston were Manor houses with farms and land and were mentioned in the Domesday Book.
What is certain from Wills & church records, is that these families were wealthy landowners and gentlemen. They lived all over Dorset, including Wareham, Swanage, Steeple, Church Knowle, Knighton, as well as those places aforementioned.
In searching the  records it has proved impossible to follow the ancestors of the Clavell family pedigree clearly, property was passed down to male heirs or passed over to cousins or brothers etc when there were no heirs, and as every branch seems to have baptised their children with the same few names over and over it has proved impossible to disentangle them with real certainty, the names Walter, William, Roger, Henry, John and Edward being very popular and I have given each generation a number where the names are the same.
In the earliest records, in Wills etc the name is often spelt Clavill or Claville, later mixing with and changing to Clavell, I have chosen to use the latter spelling throughout to make it easier to follow.


William Clavell
[1] of Leeston and Matilda  had 2 sons:

            1/ William [2]  born c. 1420
            2/ John,  born c. 1422. 
            William was the ancestor of Sir William Clavell
            He disinherited other members of his family leaving properties in Kimmeridge and Smedmore to Roger Clavell [1] of Winfrith by an Indenture of 02/04/1643             

William Clavell [2] married Alice Talbot of Godlingston. She came from another wealthy family and her dowry included land and property in Godlingston and Swanage. They had 1 son

                 William [3] born c.1480

William Clavell
[3] was the father of 4 sons:

           1/  Walter of Leeston  born c.1510   Walter had 4 children,  one of the 3 brothers was the father of  Roger Clavell [1] of Winfrith. 
                           1/ Joan  
                           2/ William  
                           3/ Richard 
                           4/ John
 2/ Nicholas
           3/ Henry
           4/ John  born c. 1525 he married Joanna Wyatt.  Her dowry included land and farms at Smedmore & Barneston    


Roger Clavell
[1] of Winfrith married about 1580  Joanna Hodges  they had 4 children:

            1/  Elisabeth,  born 1582, she married Robert Frampton on 04/02/1599 
            2/  Edward 1584 - 1637
            3/  Mary, born  18/10/1585
            4/  Henry,  12/10/1586 1634

Edward Clavell
of Winfrith married 3 times:

1st to  Joan Bailey about 1670,  they had 2 children:
            2/ Roger

2nd  to Ann Hall and they had 2 children:

  3rd to Bridget Turberville of Church Knowle,  they had 9 children:

            1/  Edward,  1624 - 1679
            2/  Frances
            3/  Grace, she married a Mr Meech, she died in 1691  
            4/  Mary, she married a Mr Hammon.
            5/  Elizabeth, 1617 - 1654
            6/  Richard, 1622 - 1669
            7/  Henry, born 28/10/1635, he died in 1644
            8/  George  1637 - 1676
            9/  Bridget, 1638 1679 she married a Mr Lokise

George Clavell  
married  Mary and they had 2 children:

             1/ William [5]  1667 - 1726 
             2/ Bridget

William Clavell [5] 
married Honor Collier on 30/05/1689 in Winfrith Newburgh,  they had 1 son
[6]  born about 1685.

William Clavell
[6]  married Mary Slade on 17/05/1721 in Winfrith Newburgh. 
He was known as William Clavell 'the elder' of Kimmeridge.  He inherited several properties and land at Steeple near Wareham
This tablet in Steeple Church commemorates a Roger Clavell,  his wife and their son, who left property to his cousin William Clavell [6] in 1741.
           Here lyeth the body of Roger Clavell Gent. who died 15/11/1687 at 63
           Here also lyeth the body of Ruth Clavell his wife who died the 22nd day of march 1720
           Here also lyeth the body of Roger Clavell Esq. son of the said Roger & Ruth who died Jan 18th 1741 age 74

William and Mary had 9 children, all baptised in Kimmeridge or Winfrith:

            1/  Joyce,  04/09/1723 - 97/06/1742
            2/  Mary, sometimes known as Maria,  1724 - 1788,  she married William Filliter on 14/06/1742 in Steeple.
            3/  Roger,  born 22/07/1725,  he died before 1737
            4/  William
[7]  born 23/11/1727 - 1796.
            5/  George, born 13/05/1729 , died in 1784
            6/  John, born 11/10/1733 - 1764,  he married Elizabeth Denny on 30/08/1759
            7/  Hannah, born in 1734, she married William Spicer in Winfrith on 27/05/1751
            8/  Roger, 26/05/1737 - 26/06/1740
            9/  Roger, born 14/05/1741 

William Clavell
[7]  married Jane Kaines on 07/03/1754 in East Stoke near Wareham, they lived at Steeple near Wareham
 they had 14 children all baptised in St Mary's Church Wareham, only 4 lived to adulthood

            1/ Roger 10/06/1755  -  04/04/1758
            2/ William 27/06/1756  -  09/12/1757
            3/ Mary 05/09/1757  - 16/04/1758
            4/ Elizabeth born 07/03/1759 
            5/ Roger, born 02/11/1761.  He was educated at Merton College Oxford, he inherited the farm at Steeple on the death of his father in 1795.
                He married Anne and they had twin daughters:
                                     1/ Anne
                                     2/ Elizabeth who were both baptised on 09/03/1803 in Manston,  where he was Rector from 29/07/1786 - 17/12/1817
                Roger was buried in Manston on 27/01/1817.
            6Jane b. 12/10/1762.  married on 08/07/1777   Richard Stevens,  she died on 28/01/1784 and is buried with her husband in Puncknowle, Dorset
                they had 3 children:
                                    1/ Martha Bewnell  17/10/1778 - 10/01/1837  she married Robert Tripp
                                    2/ James b. 14/05/1780
                                    3/ Ann 1785 - 1816

            7/ William,  22/01/1764 - 27/01/1764,  lived for 5 days.
            8/ Mary Kaines,  03/12/1764 - 03/01/1765, died at 1 month old.
            9/ Mary Jane Kaines,  17/05/1766 - 27/05/1766, lived for 10 days.
          10/ Jane Mary Kaines,  21/03/1767 - 29/05/1834 in Wareham  
          12/ Mary Elizabeth,  09/02/1768 - 03/03/1768, died almost 1 month old.
          13/ Edward  24/10/1769 - 14/04/1844.  He married Elizabeth in London on 18/03/1803, they had a daughter
                                    1/ Jane Kaines Stevens Clavell  born 04/03/1804 in London. She is mentioned in her grandmothers Will dated 1804

          14/ William   01/01/1769 - 29/01/1769,  lived for 28 days.

Both William and Jane Clavell left Wills giving interesting information on the family.