The Kaines Family



Robert Coombes
Richard Kaines
Jane Coombe Kaines
Henry Kaines
Robert Kaines


The Kaines family were from Wareham in Dorset, they are connected by marriage to the Clavell, Stevens and Tripp families.

Richard Kaines married about 1700  Jane Coombes, she was the daughter of  Robert Coombes  [1650 1715 ] a farmer from Wareham.
Richard was a wealthy Mercer in Wareham, he owned land and property as shown in his Will. He was Mayor of Wareham 1705 -1709.

Richard & Jane had 5 children born in Wareham:

            1/ Elizabeth,  1701 1742,  she married William Sumner about 1722, they had 2 children.  Both are mentioned in the Wills of their uncle Robert Kaines and their grandmother Jane Coombes Kaines.
                                1/ William born about 1725
                                2/ Elizabeth  born in 1736     
            2/ Henry 1702 - 1751.  He married Mary Powell,  he was a Mercer in Wareham.
            3/ Robert,  1704  -  1756. He married in 1745 Martha Bewnell, who was born in 1718.
                In his Will dated 1755 he mentions his nephews Robert & William Kaines and his niece Jane Clavell, the children of his brother  Henry.
                Robert also leaves bequests to his nephew William Sumner and niece Elizabeth Sumner, the children of his sister Elizabeth.
                Robert was disinherited of property in his father Richard's Will of 1720 as documented in the Will of their mother Jane Kaines in 1754.
            4/ Mary, born circa 1708, died 05/08/1737
            5/ Richard, born circa 1710, died 09/07/1737

Henry Kaines was married in Sturminster Dorset  in 1724 to Mary Powell  [ 1700 18/01/1736 ]
they had 5 children baptised in St Mary's Church Wareham:

            1/ Robert, 1726 1768, he married Elizabeth Tidbury on 06/01/1761, they had 1 son Lewis who died in 1764.
            2/ Richard, born 1727, he died aged 5 on 10/10/1732.
            3/ William, born 1729  
            4/ Jane baptised on 24/02/1731, she married William Clavell on 07/03/1754. She died on 06/01/1769.
            5/ Mary, born in 1733, she died aged 3 on 28/08/1736.

Robert and William Kaines owned several businesses in and around Wareham, listed in trade directories as Coal Merchants, Brewers, Ironmongers etc.
They filed for bankruptcy from 1756 1759


The Bewnell Connection

Successive generations of the Tripp family gave their children surnames as their given name, including Bewnell.
The only connection to the name Bewnell that I have found is that of Henry Kaines's brother Robert Kaines who married a Martha Bewnell
Henry Kaines granddaughter Jane Clavell married Richard Stevens and they named their daughter Martha Bewnell Stevens. She married Robert Tripp.

The Bewnell Family

James and Anna Bewnell  had 6 children born in Tyneham. died in 1761

1/ James, born about 1714
2/ Henry, 03/02/1716 - 08/05/1721
3/ Martha, b. 17/03/1718, she married Robert Kaines  in 1745.  Following his death in 1756, Martha married a Thomas Robinson on 04/04/1764 in Coombe Keynes.
She died aged 68 and was buried in Coombe Keynes on 12/01/1787.

4/ Anna,  b. 10/07/1720
5/ Lucy,  b.23/05/1723, she died before 1761 and is not mentioned in her fathers Will.
6/ Ann, b. 20/02/1726

James Bewnell left a Will,  proved on 16/05/1761, this Will names the beneficiaries as his son James, and daughters Martha, Anna and Ann.