The Shield Family




The name Shield or Shields, Sheel and Shiels appears in Irish records mainly from Antrim and Donegal but also in Dublin.  
I have not found any records for a Peter Shield but I found one for a Patricius Sheils born in Dublin and this name ties in with the details on his marriage certificate. 
Records were sometimes written with names in latin, particularly in the Catholic Church in Ireland.

George Shiels married Jane Gibbon at St Michaels Catholic Church in Dublin, their records show births for 4 children:

            1/ Maria bapt. 10th October 1802  
            2/ Jacobus bapt. 4th November 1804 
            3/ Catherina bapt. 14th June 180
            4/ Patricius [ Peter ] bapt. 12th March 1809    [ Patrick / Peter ]  

The first UK reference I found for Peter Shield was as a Tailor in Shoreditch. 
He is listed as a Tailor in the Post Office Directories of 1843, at 3 High Street, Shoreditch, and at 57 Aldersgate St. 
In 1856 he is at 1 Devonshire Place in Seven Sisters Road, Holloway.
His occupation is also given as Tailor on the birth certificate for his son George.
Most of the relevant years of UK censuses show Peter Shield was born in Dublin in 1809. 
By 1863 he had become a Publican and was at the Essex Arms Tavern in North Woolwich Road, Pleshey, near Chelmsford, Essex. [Residents & Commercial Traders in West Ham 1863]  

Marriage Certification for Patrick Shiel and Mary Ann Duprey

Marr Cert

Peter Shield married Mary Ann Duprey on 13th June 1833 in Hackney. 
The marriage records clearly give his name as Patrick Shiel but on George Shield's birth certificate he is named as Peter Shield.
they had 5 children:

            1/ Henry b. 1838
            2/ Mary Ann b. 1841
            3/ George b. 29/09/1842 at 3 High St Shoreditch  


            4/ Robert b. 1843
            5/ Catherine b. 1845

The 1851 Census shows that Peter Shield's wife is named Emily as his wife,  with only two of his children, Henry age 12 and Robert age 8.  
I have not found any record of Mary Ann's death or of his marriage to Emily
In the 1861 census he is still living with his wife Emily and 3 of his children,  George age 19,  Robert age 18,  Catherine age 17.

In 1881 Peter and Emily Shield were living at 64 Millwood Road Lambeth.  He died in Lambeth in 1882.

George Shield married Eliza Jane Spenceley in June 1871 in Hampstead.
They lived at the Lord Palmerston Public House at 1 Palmerston Road, Hampstead, where he was the landlord.
They had 10 children,  all but the last two of them were born at St. George's Hospital Westminster.

            1/ Ethel Mary  1872 - 1966   she married Charles Dennisom in 1895
            2/ Katherine Florence b.1873  she married Phillip Hayes  in 1873
            3/ Mabel Theresa 1875 - 1930  she married Henry John in 1900    
            4/ Amy Eliza b. 1876  she married Henry Roycroft Wilson in 1899
            5/ George William b.1877  he married Alice Hickling in 1900
            6/ Arthur Robert, born 1878.  He was a Solicitor in Walton on Thames, he married Ethel Mortimer Bruton   
            7/ Ernest Joseph, born 1880
            8/ Reginald Patrick  born 11/10/1882, he died 15/10/1959 in Vancouver Canada where he was a Canadian citizen
            9/ Marguerite Constance b.1884, she died in Kensington in 1947
          10/ Charles Spenceley   born 1885

By 1901 George and Eliza Jane were living in Mapesbury Road, Kilburn with the 3 youngest children, George is described on that years census as a Wine & Spirit Merchant.
 He died age 69 0n 30/10/ 1911.  Eliza Jane died in 1917




Francis Duprey
1743 - 1815  was married 29th April 1767 in Southwark to Sarah Stokes [ 1750 - 1827 ]
He was a jeweller with a shop in Islington.   They had 6 children:
            1) William  b. 25/12/1768
            2) Sophia  b. 13/10/1771
            3) Francis Stokes  05/08/1774 - 1851
            4) George 25/05/1777 - 1778
            5) Margaret  b. 16/07/1780
            6) George  b. 1782

Francis Stokes Duprey married 01/09/1798  Elizabeth Falshaw in St Giles Church in Cripplegate.
He was a travelling salesman,  they had 8 children:-

            1)  George b. 1802
            2)  Samuel b. 1803
            3)  Henry b. 24/02/1806 - 1876  he married Anna Perry in 1831
            4)  Francis b. 21/07/1808
            5)  Mary Ann  b. 23/08/1809  she married Peter Shield on 17/06/1833
            6) Archibald b. 19/12/1812 - 19/09/1844,  he married Mary Banyard in 1832
            7)  Charlotte b. 1814
            8)  Emma  b. 28/02/1816