The Tripp Family




          The Tripp family were from Dorset, throughout the generations they used several surnames such as Bewnell, Stevens, Clavell and Criche, as given names.                                   I found this family starting with Robert Tripp [1] who married Emma in 1740. they had son Thomas b. 1742

Robert Tripp was a Woollens Draper and Tailor and is named in Pigot's Directory of 1815 as a 'Clothier and Army Woollens Draper ' with a shop at 28 - 29 Bath Street Bristol. 
Britain was at war with France from 1799 - 1815 in what became known as the Napoleonic Wars.
Because of  constant fear of a French invasion, there were Militia stationed all along the south coast of England, many of them were in Dorset and they would have needed clothing including woollen uniforms.
King George III,  following advice from his doctors regarding his health, was encouraged to enjoy bracing sea air, moved his family to Weymouth nearly every summer between 1789 and 1805.     The town became the centre of royal life and the Prime Minister would travel there to see him to discuss parliament business.
During his reign very little coinage was struck and this caused a major problem for employers such as Robert Tripp.
The Industrial Revolution saw a massive influx of workers to towns and cities who could not be paid in kind, as maybe people who worked on the land had been. 
The lack of coins with which to pay the workers led to business owners across England effectively minting their own money.
These were known as tokens and were minted from 1811 - 1814 mainly made in copper and silver.
This  is a token made for Robert Tripp to pay his workers, it is the only token of this type showing the image of a ship.

After the Wars ended in 1815, there was no longer the need for army clothiers such as Robert Tripp, and his business would have suffered. Whatever the cause, the company filed for bankruptcy in 1817.

Thomas Tripp was married on 08/06/1767 to Elizabeth Watts in Witchampton Dorset,
they had 4 children:
            1/ Robert [2] 25/06/1767 - 03/12/1844.  He is buried in All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green in London
            2/ Edward b. 04/03/1770  he married Sarah Ann Poole
            3/ Cornelius b. 19/09/1773
            4/ Jane b. 22/10/1775

Robert Tripp [2] married Martha Bewnell Stevens  on 04/12/1799 at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Puddletown Dorset.  
Several have family surnames that show links to other Dorset families, including the Stevens, the Clavells and the Bewnells.
They had 12 children all born in Somerset
            1/ Richard Stevens,  13/01/1801- 04/11/1871 in Bristol.
                He was indentured to a Law practice in Bristol in1819 and was called to the Bar at Grays Inn, London in 1837. 
                He married Isabel Tinlaison on 11/08/1831, they lived in Richmond Surrey and had 1 daughter Mary. 
                He was  practising at 13 Old Square Lincolns Inn when he died on 04/11/1871.
            2/ Robert, 05/01/1802 - 07/10/1869  He was a Mining Broker, he was married in Bridgewater on 15/01/1846 Mary Ann Poole Inman [b.28/07/1818]  
                They had 3 children:
                                        1/ Florence  1854 - 1857
                                        2/ Harry 1850
                                        3/ Robert Stuart 19/12/1857        
           3/ John Stevens, 09/03/1803 1887. He was indentured to his elder brother Richard, in Bristol, and became a Solicitor specialising in debt and bankruptcy.
               He married Emily Ann Tucker on 23/03/1845 at St Martins in the Fields Church. 
               They had 11 children:
                                        1/ Stevens Edward Howard  1846-1901 a Solicitor. He married Emily Maude McMutcheon on 05/12/1877, they had 2 children,
                                                                  1/ Horace 
                                                                  2/ Evelyn
                                        2/ Albert Edward  .. /09/1847
                                        3/ Edward Stevens 17/08/1848
                                        4/ Emily Martha Jane b. 1849
                                        5/ Jesse Lucilla b.1850 she married Henry Robert Chalmers in 17/12/1875,  they had a son:
                                                                  1/ Howard
                                        6/Percy b. 1854  lived for 16 days
                                        7/ Howard b.1859
                                        8/ Adeline Bewnell 16/05/1860
                                        9/ John Clavell Francis 15/05/1862 - 14/06/1908  He was a Cigar Merchant, in 1896 he married Violet May Vinall and they had 4 children
                                                                  1/Lionel Howard  1898 - 14/05/1965  m. Marjorie Lee on 28/05/1931
                                                                  2/ Edward Clavell b. 1900
                                                                  3/ Adeline Bewnell 24/06/1902 - 17/04/1941  she died in Hampstead
                                                                  4/ Ida Emily b. 1906
                                       10/ Edward Harry Ernest b. 1865
                                       11/ Walter Howard 1867 - 1925  m. 1893 Ellen Kate Walker, both acted on the stage. They had 5 children:
                                                                   1/ Sutherland b. 1894
                                                                   2/ Dudley b. 1895
                                                                   3/ Walter 18/10/1897
                                                                   4/ Roger b. 1899
                                                                   5/ June b. 11/06/1901 in Blackpool  June Tripp was an actress, most of her films were made in the silent era.
                                                                       She married twice and died 14/01/1985 in New York.

        4/ Martha Bewnell, was born in Clevedon Somerset on 08/101804. She married William Winckworth in Bridgewater Somerset on 22/06/1831.
            They had 2 sons: 
                                         1/ William Robert 15/06/1835 - 1880 he  married Jessy Bliss Woodcock
                                         2/ Alfred Henry Albert 17/10/1844 - 29/10/1844
            Martha died aged 88, on 26/01/1892 at 55 St Augustines Road Cricklewood and is buried in All Souls Cemetery  Kensal Green

        5/ Powell Samuel Criche 18/12/1805 - 23/06/1862  He was a Manufacturing Agent, he Eleanor Emma Axson on 03/04/1834 in Meole Brace Shropshire,
            they had 4 children:
                                         1/ Amy Florence
                                         2/ Martha Bewnell,  she was married in Manchester on 17/03/1892 John Goodacre an Architect
                                         3/ Sarah Eleonor
                                         4/ Margaret Stella

       6/ James Stevens, 1811 1872  he was a Dealer in Public Securities and was given the 'Freedom of London' in 1856.
           He 1st married Henrietta Cunningham [1814 - 19/04/1841]  in St Paul's Church Bristol on 15/05/1834.
           He was practising law in Liverpool when his 4 children were born.
                                          1/ Charlotte Cunningham b. 01/06/1837   she married Brewer Lewis Compton Legge on 30/05/1862
                                          2/ Augustus Cunningham b.1837
                                          3/ James Cunningham b.1839
                                          4/ Henrietta Cunningham b. ../ 01/ 1841  she died June qtr 1841 age 5 months
                    He married 2nd Frances Oulds on 25/11/1841in Old St Church St Pancras.                                                                                                                                                                              The 1841 census shows James and Frances living in College Place Islington with his 4 children.
          They had 5 children:
                                          1/ Fanny Letitia b. 29/05/1844
                                          2/ Richard Howard 22/10/1845
                                          3/ Adela Bewnell b. 29/04/1848
                                          4/ Robert b. 1851
                                          5/ Rosa b. 31/05/1853
          On 24/10/1870 James Stevens was sentenced at the Old Bailey to18 months imprisonment on a charge of false pretenses

      7/ Charles James, b.1812  He was a Civil Engineer.
          He 1st married Sarah Lane,  b.1818 in High Wycombe. they had a son:
                                          1/ Alfred Augustus Tripp b. 1847 in Sheffield
          Sarah Tripp died in Islington  in1854
          He married 2nd Emma Robins in St James Church Islington on 03/08/1859
          they had 3 children all born in Trinidad.
                                          1/ Lily Agnes b. 1877
                                          2/ Emma b. 1882
                                          3/ Florence b. 1883

      8/ Stella Criche, born in 1813, she died on 11/12/1885.

      9/ Elizabeth Phillips, born in 1815,  she married John Bennett on 30/04/1839 at St Georges Church Bristol,

    10/ Edwin Howard, 1817 1883 He was an Actuary. He married Frances Flowers in St Paul's Bloomsbury on 26/03/1847.
          They had a son:
                                          1/ Howard Sebastian Flowers b. 23/07/1852  he became a Stockbroker
          Edwin Howard was awarded the "Freedom of the City of London' in 1853, he died in Islington in December 1883.

    11/ Jane Harriet Clavell, born in 1821. Jane and Stella lived at 108 Marylebone Road, she died 04/03/1905,

    12/ Mary Smith, born in 1823, she was married on 26/09/1857 at Old Church St. Pancras to Thomas William Shaw b. St Lucia

The 1841 Census shows Robert Tripp living in College St. Saint Pancras with 4 of his children, Edwin, Stella, Elizabeth and Jane. 
He died in London on 03/12/1844, and is buried in All Souls Cemetery in Kensal Green.