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I have found the Winckworth name, with various spellings including Wynckeworthe and Winkworth is fairly common in Hampshire and Wiltshire, there are also records of Winckworths in the City of London in the 17thC. which is where this family history starts. 
As was often the case successive family members have the same given name, so I have numbered them for clarity.
Where I have given full dates these are generally baptism not birth, and burial dates were usually within a few days of a death.

Nicholas, John and  Benjamin Winckworth were brothers all living near the Thames in London in the mid 1750's  and although there are records for other Winckworth families living in London earlier than these dates I have been unable to connect their names with certainty to any specific family.

I have found and transcribed 6 Wills for this family. [ Wills Index ]
The Will of Nicholas Winckworth shows he left all his property to his brothers John and Benjamin, and to Benjamin's children.  
Nicholas died in 1773 and was buried in the south aisle of St Michael's Church in Queenhythe.
This church was demolished in 1876
, the site is now part of Upper Thames Street.

John Winckworth is not mentioned in any of the business records but I found his name mentioned in the Will of his brother Nicholas.
There is a record of a marriage in the "Clandestine Marriages Register" of St George's Chapel Mayfair, for a John Winckworth of Southwark on 18/05/1752 to Eleanor Applebee, but there is no solid evidence to support that this is him.

Benjamin Winckworth [1] and his brother Nicholas were Flour Factors, listed in several trade directories including 'Kents' in 1759  and also  'The Complete Counting Companion' in the years 1763, 1771 & 1775.
They owned flour and grain warehouses on the Thames at Broken Wharf, Trig Lane in Queenhythe.
Trig Lane leads into Upper Thames Street beside Southwark Bridge. These wharves, which are upstream of London Bridge eventually became unreachable to sailing ships, as the river became silted up the ships were unable to pass under the bridge.

Benjamin Winckworth [1]  Bought a house in 1776, in Welling, Kent from the Reverend Thomas Cookes and his wife Anne Denham.
The Denham family had lived in the house for at least 3 generations and it had been part of Anne's marriage dowry. In 1775 Thomas and Anne Cookes sold it and moved to Hearne in Kent.

Welling, at that time was a hamlet near the villages of Plumstead and East Wickham, it is bounded by the rivers Medway and Thames and is on the route from London to Dartford, Strood and Rochester. Part of this road, the A2 is known as Shooters Hill, and was a well known place for highwaymen.  [ Letters page 4 ]

Benjamin Winckworth [1] was married on 18th October 1754 to  Mary Randall McDuff in St Michaels Church Queenhythe.

Winckworth Mc Duff

Mary Randall was born on  01/11/1724, the daughter of Edward Randall and Mary Clark, who were married on 9th April 1721 at St Martin Outwich Church, Threadneedle Street.
She was first married to Robert Mc Duff on 01/01/1747 at Charterhouse Chapel in Finsbury, London.
They had 2 sons who both died in infancy and Robert McDuff died on 14/03/1754.

Benjamin [1] and Mary had 10 children all baptised at St Mary Somerset church in Queenhythe. 
6 of the births are shown below and there are recorded dates elsewhere for the others.

 St Mary Somerset Parish Church Christening Register

baptism register

                    1/ Mary was born 15/08/1755  and died in 1780 age 24. She was buried on 07/06/1780 in Welling Churchyard.
                        In 1778 she had inherited the house in Welling from her father.
                       Her Will shows she left the house to her mother Mary for her lifetime, and then after her mothers death, to her brother Thomas.

                    2/ Elizabeth,  22/09/1757 - November 1759
                    3/ Sarah,  29/08/1758 - 5th August 1759
                    4/ Benjamin,  27/04/1759 - 05/08/1759
                    5/ Benjamin [2]  08/07/1760 - 22/06/1796 he was buried in Welling.  He married Mary Tilden 
                    6/ Ann,  11/11/1761 - 26/05/1762
                    7/ Thomas,  19/09/1762 - 22/08/1800         
                    8/ Elizabeth,  26/02/1764, she was married on 23/09/1788 to Richard Henry Clarke, a biscuit manufacturer from Wapping.
                    9/ Harriet,  10/03/1765 - 24/041814, she died age 49 and is buried in East Wickham churchyard.
                  10/ Sarah,  20/081766 - June 1854, she died age 88 and is also buried in East Wickham churchyard.

Benjamin Winckworth [1] died in January 1777 when his eldest daughter Mary was 21 and his youngest child Sarah was 11.
He was a wealthy man, leaving shares in property and business to support his wife and children, leaving each of them 1000 in cash for when they attained the age of 21 as well as shares and annuities. 
He also left bequests to all his servants.   Mary Winckworth died in Welling in 1784, four years after their daughter.

As requested in their Wills, Benjamin and Mary were both buried in the  aisle of St Mary Somerset Church in Upper Thames Street, Queenhythe.
This church had been rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great fire in 1666.  It was demolished in 1871 and sadly all the memorials were lost, only the tower remains.

Ben W bu 1778

Mary W bu 1784

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