The Woodcock Family




Francis Woodcock
[1] and his wife Jane were married around 1670. They had a son

                       Francis [2] born on 24/10/1675 in Great Horwood near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.
Francis Woodcock [2] was married in about 1700 to Jane Garden from Wing, a small village close to Aylesbury, she was born on 01/03/1703 and baptised on 05/03/1703.
they had 2 children born in Mentmore, near Aylesbury.

                    1/ Thomas [1] babt.  27/09/1702
                    2/ Jane bapt. 01/03/1703

Thomas Woodcock [1] married Jane Mayor on 27/08/1733 under Fleet Rules.  The record says "Thomas Woodcock of Aylesbury"   Fleet Rules
The marriage was solemnised by Anthony Shelburn, who conducted many marriages under these rules from 1722 - 1737.
 Jane was baptised on 21/04/1706 at St Brides, Fleet Street, she was the daughter of  William and Anne Mayor  she had a brother William, bapt.14/11/1697 at St Brides.
 they had a son:
                       Thomas [2]  baptised 07/07/1734 at St Brides, Fleet Street, the register shows their address as The White Horse Inn, Fleet Street.

Thomas Woodcock [2]  married twice, firstly age 25 to Mary Bell on 11/04/1757 at St Giles Church in Cripplegate.
I have only found 1 record for the death/burial of a Mary Woodcock in London, it is dated 19/11/1772.
If this is her then Thomas remarried whilst his first wife was still alive as the St Giles Church register states he was a widower when he married Ann Crockett on 28/05/1772. 
The marriage was witnessed by a Colleen Crockett.  Thomas died in 1804.  The record describes him as a press maker.
they had 6 children, all baptised at Saint Giles Church in Cripplegate.

                1/ Susannah Ann,  born 18/07/1773,  She married Thomas Good at 'All Hallows the Great' in London on 13/11/1793.
                2/ Ann,  born 05/07/1775
                3/ Elizabeth,  born 01/11/1776
                4/ Thomas [3]  bapt. 16/07/1777. He was also a press maker
                    He was buried in St Giles Cripplegate on 22/08/1833, the record shows the cost of the burial was 2 . 2s . 2d
                5/ Ann b. 22/07/1781
                6/ William b. 30/11/1783

Thomas Woodcock [3]  married Ann Heath  on 11/07/1802  at the church of St Vedast, Foster Lane, near St Paul's Cathedral.  
A Sarah Heath was a witness at this marriage, I believe her to be the 'Miss Heath' mentioned in the Woodcock family bible.
Ann Heath Woodcock died in Banbury in June 1851.

  Thomas [3] and Ann lived in Grub Street, Cripplegate and had 8 children:

                1/ Sarah,  27/07/1805 - 02/12/1823
                2/ Thomas James, born in 1807
                3/ Ann, born in 1810
                4/ Samuel William  01/08/1813 - 07/04/1878.
                5/ David, born on 09/03/1816
                6/ Daniel, born in 1818
                7/ Maria, born on 04/09/1819
                8/ Jemima, born on 02/05/1823,  she married on 29/01/1852  William Spering a commercial traveller whose father was a coal merchant. She died in 1873

Samuel William Woodcock was a coal merchant and had a business at Star Wharf in Camden. He married Catherine Davis on 29/06/1839 in St Pancras London.  
They had 5 children:

                1/ Catherine Maria, born 02/09/1840, her baptism record states that Samuel was a coal merchants clerk.
                    She died on 28/12/1913 at 22 Keyes Road Cricklewood  [left 421. 2s .9d]
                2/ Jessy Bliss  born on  01/09/1841. At the time of her birth Samuel was a wharfinger.
                    She married William Robert Winckworth  on 28/09/1865 in St Pancras. She died in Wood Green in 1892
                3/ Benjamin Heath, 25/05/1844 – 28/02/1929.  He was a solicitor and lived at 76 Blenheim Gardens Cricklewood.                 
                4/ Samuel William, 11/04/1846 – 20/09/1898. He married in 1870 Susan (Susie) Russell. She died on 06/01/1900 age 54.
                5/ Emma Jemima,  born 14/06/1849, she married Charles Baring Windsor in 1873.  She died in January 1881.