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A.2.2a. Elizabeth Berry

Timeline of Elizabeth Berry and James Harris



Esther (Berry) McCord Family Record
Birth of Elizabeth Berry in Augusta County, Virginia


Esther McCord Family Bible
Elizabeth Berry married James Harris in Washington, County, Virginia
Estimate of marriage date presumes Mary to have been age 20 at the time.

21 May 177856

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continue and held for Washington County
Nicholas Brabstone against James Harris, The Case Non Assumpsit

20 Nov. 177856

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continued and held for Washington County
A Jury sworn to by the issue joined between James Bryan Plantiff and Jacob Young defendant Viz. George Maxwell, William Edmondson, John Craig, William Bates, Joseph Bates, Francis Dove, James Harris, Jeramiah Abel, Roger Topp, John Shelby, William Ingram & James McCain returned verdict for the Plaintiff and assess the damage at fifty pounds which is ordered to be recorded.

20 Nov. 177856

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continued and held for Washington County
Martin vs Hadden, James Harris 3 days attendance, James McFerren 4 days attendance, Samuel McChesney 1 days attendance as witnesses.

19 May 177956

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continued and held for Washington County
William Cotter appearing to his recognizance and a Jury sworn Viz. James Craig, Joseph Gray, James Harris, Daniel Reamy, Charles Campbell, Alex Breckinridge, Thomas Trimble, David Beatie, Arthur Galbreath, Samuel Buchanan, Joseph Gamble, and Robert Trimble returned verdict for the Commonwealth and asses the damage at fifteen pounds which is ordered to be recorded.

15 June 177956

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continued and held for Washington County
A Jury sworn to try the suit now depending between John Ickis Plantiff and Joseph Bated defendant Viz. James Fulkison, Robert Edmondson, Robert Reaugh, John Blackburn, Samuel Buchanan, James Berry, David Dryden, David Craig, James Herris, Wm. Lowry, Samuel Evans & William Montgomery returned a verdict for defendant which is ordered to be recorded.

18 Aug. 177956

Annals of Southwest Virginia, 1769 – 1800
At a Court continued and held for Washington County
Nicholad Brabstone Plt against James Harris Defendant in Case.
This Day came the parties by their Attorneys and thereupon came also a Jury to wit John Blackmore, David Looney, James Fulkison, James Berry, John Anderson, John Kinkead, Abraham McClelan and Westley White who being elected tried and Sworn the truth to spake upon the Issue found upon their Oath do say that the Defendant is not guilty in manour and form as the Plantiff against him hath complained therefore it is concedered by the Court that the Plantiff take nothing by his Bill but for his false Clamour be in Mercy & C. and the said Defendant go hence without pay and recover against the plantiff for his Costs by him about his Defence in this behalf Expended.

30 Aug. 1781169

Washington County, Virginia Survey Book, page 219
Colin Crilly, assignee of James Harris, assignee of Samuel McChesney, assignee of William McCutchion...300 ac...on the waters of the Middle & South Forks of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772...August 30, 1781.


Washington County, Virginia Personal Property Tax Lists
Capt. James Montgomery’s Precinct
James Herris
1 White Tithable     James
1 Horse

16 Dec. 1798120

Washington County, Virginia Will Book 2, pages 209-210
In the name of god amen, the sixteenth of December one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight. I, Thomas Berry, of the County of Washington and State of Virginia, being weak in body but sound in mind and knowing that all flesh must yield to death when it shall please god to call, I do hereby make constitute and ordain and declare this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following revolking and anuling by these present all and every testement or testaments will or wills heretofore by me made and declare either by word or writing and this to be taken only for my last will and testament and none other and now for the settling my temperate estate and such goods and chattals and debts as it pleased god for above my deserts to bestow on me. I do order, give and dispose the same in manner and form following, And first I do will that all my just debts be paid within convenient time after my decease by my executors hereafter named and seconded, I do give and bequeath to my well beloved wife Esther the third part of all the moveable Estate except the negros as I have left her the third part of the price of my land already. I do leave to my son George a negro named Adam and all my wearing apparel and George is to give to my daughter Rebeckah fifty dollars. I do also leave to my daughter Esther a negro girl named Phili to her and her heirs and if the girl has any children they are to go to Esther and her heirs, also my negro woman named Tawney I do allow her to be free and I leave her a milch cow. I also leave to my son John, four dollars. I also leave the rest of my estate to my children hereafter named, son James, son Thomas, my daughter in law Mary Berry, wife to son William deceased, my daughter Mary, my daughter Barbara, daughter Rebeckah, my daughter Elizabeth, my daughter Susannah, my son Francis to be equally divided among them. I also leave to my grandson Thomas Dryden my best saddle. I also will that David Dryden and Samuel McChesney and David Lowry shall be my Executors given under my hand and seal this sixteenth of December 1798.
Thomas Berry LS
Witnesses present
Jonathan Dryden
William Palmer


Analysis of the Timeline


      Elizabeth (Betsy) Berry was born about 1755 in Augusta County, Virginia. While her birth date is not known with certainty, a firm approximation can be made based on estimates of the birth dates of her three oldest siblings, a well documented birth date for her next youngest sibling (George Berry) and clear definition of her place in the birth order sequence from a family history record that was ultimately derived from her youngest sister, Esther (Berry) McCord. Elizabeth’s parents were Thomas Berry Sr. and his second wife Esther Ward. From the time they got married, it appears that Thomas Berry and his first wife had children at regular intervals, almost on an annual basis. If they continued this regular succession of births after their first three children, then their next child, Mollie, would have been born about 1742 or 1743 and William would have been born in 1743 or 1744. Sometime after William’s birth, however, Thomas Berry’s first wife passed away, and he eventually remarried. All of his remaining children were products of his second marriage, and Elizabeth was the first child of that union. The second child from her father’s second marriage was George Berry, and family records from his descendants document his birth as occurring on 28 June 1756. Likewise, family records from the descendants of Susanna Berry, the next child after George Berry, indicate that she was born in 1757, which clearly demonstrates that the birth intervals of children from the second marriage followed the same general pattern of occurrence as in the first marriage. If that birth pattern is applied to the first child of the second marriage, Betsy Berry, then she must have been born between 1754 and mid 1755. Consequently, using the estimated birth date of the last child from his first marriage (1743 or 1744) and the estimated date of Elizabeth, the first child of his second marriage (1754 or 1755), an approximation of the date of the death of his first wife and of the date of his marriage to Elizabeth’s mother, Esther Ward, can be made.12,545,685,1177


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