B.4. Francis Berry {B.4.}

    Francis Berry {B.4.} was born at an unknown date and place. A birth date range for what appears to be his oldest child (Francis Berry, Jr.) has been noted as being between 1744 and 1755, so if Francis Sr. was born at least 25 years earlier, his birth can be approximated to have occurred sometime between 1719 and 1730.274,275 The elder Francis Berry doesn't appear in Augusta County records until 1774, but all of his brothers are first documented in Augusta County at much earlier dates (James in 1749, William and Charles in 1746),21 which might suggest that Francis Sr. was a younger brother, thus possibly pushing his birth date toward the middle of this age range, maybe more like 1725. From another point of view, Francis Berry, Jr., was married in 1775 to a woman who was born in 1754. If Francis Jr. was about the same age as his wife, and was in his mid twenties when he got married, that would place the birth date of Francis Jr. around 1750. Likewise, if Francis Sr. was about 25 years old when his first child was born, then the birth date of Francis Sr. can be approximated as being 1725. Admittedly, these analytical methods are based on approximations not documentation, but they provide the only means (albeit flawed) of estimating the birth date of Francis Berry, Sr. The location of Francis' father, the elder John Berry, prior to 1753 is unknown, so the birth location of Francis cannot be pinpointed more accurately than being either in northern Ireland, Scotland, Pennsylvania or Virginia. Based on the timing of William MaGill, Sr.'s movements and the close association of the Berrys with him (as shown in section A.1 of this report), it seems quite unlikely that Francis Berry was born in Virginia.286

   At an unknown date and place Francis Berry married a woman named Isabel/Isabella. No last name has been documented for Isabel, although one source has suggested that her last name was McCown.287 While their marriage date is not known, a range of dates for the event can be established based on the same type of analysis that established an approximate birth date for Francis. Although there are numerous exceptions, it seems that most males from this time period got married in their early to mid twenties. If Francis was born in 1725, then one would expect his marriage to have occurred around 1750. Since the location of the father of Francis Berry (the elder John Berry) cannot be documented in Augusta County prior to 1753, it seems likely that Francis and Isabel were married in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania rather than Augusta County, Virginia.

   Francis Berry can be traced through primary source records from 1774 in Augusta County, Virginia to 1802 in Washington County, Virginia. He moved to Washington County in 1777, and passed away there sometime between 6 August 1799 (when his will was written) and 18 March 1800 (when his will was proved). Burial was either in a local cemetery or, possibly, on the family farm. Isabel had probably passed away prior to that date, since she is not mentioned in his will. It seems likely that Isabel died in Washington County, Virginia, since she appears to have been still alive just prior to their move from Augusta County.

Timeline of Francis Berry and Isabel ? (Unknown Last Name)


10 Oct.1770211

Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 4, page 404
IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Berry of the County of Augusta and Colloney of Virginia being weakly of body but of perfect mind and Memory thanks be given to Almighty God there fore Considering the Mortallity of my body Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die I do Make & Ordain this my last will and Testament that is to say Principally first of all I recommend and Commite my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it and my body to the Earth decently buried at the discretion of my Executor doubting nothing but I shall receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God at the General resurection and as Touching what estate it hath Pleased God to bless me with in this life I give devise & dispose of the same in the following Manner and form Impremis it is my Will and I do order that all my lawful debts and funeral charges be fully Paid and Satisfyed 
Item- unto Mary my Daughter one Pounds five shillings Curant money of Virginia I likewise give and bequeath unto John Neisbit six shillings and six Pence Curent Money of Virginia 
Item - I give and bequeath unto John Berry sun of James Berry deced. six Pounds Current Money of Virginia I give and bequeath unto John Berry sun of William Berry ten pounds Current Money of Virginia 
Item- I give & bequeath unto John Berry Sun of Francis Berry ten pounds Current Money of Virginia 
Item- I give & Bequeath unto Fra Berry Wheel right five pounds Current Money of Virginia 
Item- I give and Bequeath unto Mary Berry daughter of William Berry Fowar (4) Pounds Current money of Virginia 
Item I give and Bequeath to her Sister Elizabeth Berry Six pounds Current money of Virginia 
Item- I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Berry Daughter of Charles Berry five pounds Current money of Virginia 
Item- I give & bequeath unto my Daughter Rebecca Berry twenty pounds Curent money of Virginia I likewise Constitute and appoint my trusty friends Alexander Walker Wheel wright & William Edmoston sole Executors of this my last will & Testament and do hereby disanul & revock all other Wills or Testament by me made declaring & Publishing this my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & seal this tenth day of October in the year one thousand seven hundred and Seventy 
John Berry

Published & Pronounced in the presence of us:
John Walker 
John Walker, Junior
James Walker 

Francis Berry

7 Dec. 177436,727 The Library of Virginia Land Office Grants, Land Office Patents and Grants, Patent No. 42, 1773 – 1774, page 823
Margin Notation: Francis Berry 113 Acres Augusta
George the third &c. To all &c. Know ye that for divers good Causes & Considerations but more especially for and in Consideration of the sum of Fifteen Shillings of good and lawful Money for our use, paid to our Receiver General of our Revenues in this our Colony and Dominion of Virginia. We have given granted and Confirmed and by these presents for us our heirs and Successors Do give grant and Confirm unto Francis Berry on a certain Tract or parcel of Land containing one hundred and fifteen Acres lying and being in the County of Augusta between Beverly Manor and the North mountain --?-- bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning in a Line of said Manor thence South twenty five degrees West one hundred & seventy four poles crossing a branch to a black and red oak, North fifty seven degrees West ninety two poles to a white and two red oaks, North nine degrees East one hundred poles and North forty six degrees East eighty five poles to two white oaks and South fifty five degrees East ninety two poles to the Beginning With all & To have hold & To be held & Yielding and paying & Provided & In Witness & Witness our trusty and well beloved John Earl of Dunmore our Lieutenant and Governor General of our said Colony and Dominion and Williamsburg under the Seal of our said Colony the seventh day of December one thousand seven hundred and seventy four in the fifteenth year of our reign.
Exam.d Dunmore
29 Aug. 177721 Augusta County, Virginia, Will Book 6, page 334
List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North… Geo. Berry (son to Francis) … James Berry son to Francis
18 Nov. 177741 Augusta County, Virginia, Deed Book 22, page 190
THIS INDENTURE made the eighteenth day of November in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and Seventy Seven Between Frances Berry and Isabella his Wife of the County of Augusta of the one part & Andrew Haysaw of the said County of Augusta of the other part WITNESSETH that for and in Consideration of the sum of Seventy five Pounds Current money of Virginia to the said Frances Berry and his Wife Isabella in hand paid by the said Andrew Haysaw at or before the sealing & delivering of these Presents the right whereof he doth hereby Acknowledge and thereof doth release aquit and discharge the said Andrew Haysaw his Executors -- Administrators by these Presents the said Francis Berry and Isabella his Wife hath Granted bargained sold Aliened released and Confirmed and by these Presents doth Grant sale to him thereof made by said Frances Berry & Isabella his Wife for one whole year by Indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of these Presents & beforce of the statute for Transferring uses into Possession & his heirs one hundred and three acres of land in the County of Augusta between the north Mountain and Bevereleys Maner and bounded as followeth BEGINNING at a black & red oaks near Beverleys line and north fifty degrees west Ninety two poles to a white oak and two red oaks north nine degrees east one hundre poles and north forty six degrees east Eighty five poles to two white oaks & South fifty nine degrees east [photocopy cuts out here making about three words unreadable] to a white oak on Beverleys line & South twenty east one hundre poles and noth forty six degrees east Eighty five poles to two white oaks & South fifty nine degrees east Twenty one poles to a white oak on Beverleys line & South twenty seven west eight poles to a white oak saplin & South eighteen degrees weast one hundred & ten poles to the BEGINNING and all houses buildings Orchards ways waters water Courses Profits Commodities heriditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever to this said Premises hereby Granted or any part thereof belonging or in anywise Appertaining & the reversion and the Reversions remainder & remainders rents [---?--] & Profits thereof and also all the estate right title Interest use Trust Property Claim and demand whatsoever of him this. Francis Berry and Isabella his Wife of and into this aid Premises and all deeds Evidences & writings touching or in any wise Concerning the same TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract or parcel of land Containing one hundred & three acres be thie same more or less & all & Singular other the premises thereby granted and released and every Part and parcel thereof with there and every of their appurtenances unto the said Andrew Haysaw his heirs and Assigns forever to the proper use and behoof of him the said Andrew Haysaw and of his heirs & Assigns forever & the said Francis [blank space] and Isabella his Wife himself his heirs Executors and Administraqtors doth Covenant promise & Grant to and with the said Andrew Haysaw his heirs & Assigns by these Presents that the said Francis Berry & Isabella his Wife now at the time of Sealing & delivering of these Present is siezed of a good sure perfect and Indefizible estate of inheritance in fee simple of and in the premises hereby granted and released and that the hath Good Power and lawful and absolute Authority to grant & Convey the same to the said Andrew Haysaw in manner and form aforesaid and that the said Premises now are and so forever hereafter shall remain and be free & Clear of and from all former and other gifts Grants and bargains sales dower right and title of dower Judgments Executions titles troubles Charges and Incumbrances whatsoever made done -- Committed or Suffered by the said Frances Berry & Isabella his Wife or any other Person or Persons whatso ever the Quit rents hereafter to grow due and Payable to the Collecton for the time being for the use of the Commonwealth for and in respect of the said Premises only excepted & Forecharized[?] AND LASTLY that the said Francis Berry & Isabella his Wife and his heirs all & Singular the premises hereby Granted and released with their Appurtenances unto the s.d. Andrew Haysaw his heirs and assigns against him the s.d. Francis Berry his heirs & all & Every other person & persons whatsoever shall & will warrent & forever defend by these Presents IN WITNESS whereof the said Frances Berry and his Wife Isbell hath here unto set their hands & seals the day & year first above Written 
Frances Berry (SS)
Isbel [her mark] Berry (SS)
Sealed and Delivered
in the Presents of 
John McPheetters 
Rebekah McPheeters 
Wm. Berry
At a Court held for Augusta County by Authority of the Commonwealth of Virginia November the 18th 1777.
Francis Berry and Isabella his Wife (she being first Privately Examined) Acknowledged this their Release for Land to Andrew Hasaw which is Ordered to be recorded.
06 May 178121 Augusta County, Virginia Will Book 6, page 173
An account of Estate of John Berry deceased
The account of said estate 
Received in cash by Sundry persons
the price of the land was twice put in this account and again deducted
By the sale of the said Estate
By cash the price of land sold
The price of the land deducted 
Amount of the Estate
Amounts debts & legacies paid 
Balance due to the Estate 
Errors excepted 
Account of more debts paid by the Executor
To Margaret Kirkpatrick
To the sherrif for fees 46 lb Tobacco 
To John Berry Jun. 
To John Gilmore 
To William McFeeters 
To Samuel Neizbitt 
To fees 
To Eliz. Henry 
Brought over 
Debts paid & Legacies by the Executor 
To George Berry for funeral charges 
To the Shirrif of Augusta 
To John Buchanan for crying the vendue 
To David McCrea for funeral Liquers 
To Luke Bowyer employed as Lawyer 
To Liquor for the Vendue 
To Anthony Kelly for a coffin 
To the remainder of a bond to Wm McFeeters 
To Margaret Rutherford for Bond 
To Capt. John Gilmore 
To William Berry 
To George Matthews Shirref 
To John Stuart 
To William Berry 
To James Berry 
To Rebecca Buchanan 
To Robert Franies (?) 
To Alexander McIlroy 
To George Berry 
To Charles Berry 
To Robert Kilpatrick 
To Robert Fanies (?) 
To George Gibson 
To William Gilmore 
To William Gilmore 
To Rebecca Kelly 
To Wm Moody 
To Gabril (?) Fortec (?) 
To William Berry 
To Mary Johnson 
To James Wallace 
To Eliz. Bell 
To John McCrossory (?) 
To Andw Buchanan 
To James Coulter 
To Andrew McCampbell for Jn Berry Jun 
To Francis Berry
To Eliz. Berry 
To Eliz. Berry 
To Mary Berry
To John Berry 
To Mary Niezbitt 
To John Berry Shoemaker 
To Mary Berry 
To Samuel Lyle 
To Rebecca Gillesy 
To Eve_?_ 
To balance due the Estate
Pursuant to an order of the court March 1781 We have examined the within account as it stands stated & find the amount thereof to be £242.19 and the debts paid
Ballance due said Estate as per account on the hands of Alexander Walker Executor O.E.
Test Elijah McClenachan William McFeeters
At court Cont. and held for Augusta County May 16th 1781
This account of the administration of the Estate of John Berry decd. was reported pursuant to an order of Court and Ordered to be Recorded







09 August 178169 Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts, page 290
Thomas Hill - 300 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on the waters of the fifteen mile creek - corner to Thomas Berry - May 26,1784 ...Thomas Hill, assignee of William Berry - 350 ac - by actual settlement made in 1778 bounded by Agnes White, Frances Berry & Thomas Berry the place whereon he now lives -
30 August 178169 Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts, page 289
Francis Berry - 140 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on a branch of the Middle Fork of Holstein River - beginning corner to Samuel Henry - corner to Thomas Hill - May 26, 1784...Francis Berry, assignee of William Berry - 150 ac - on the waters of the Middle Fork of Holstein on the north side includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1777
30 August 178169 Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts, page 262
Samuel Henry...260 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the north side of the Middle Fork of Holstein...Beginning on the north side of the knobbs with John McCullocks land...on James McCuchens line...corner to Francis Berry...July 25, 1784 - Samuel Henry...400 ac...on the waters of the Middle Fork of Holstein River, 204 ac surveyed on January 27, 1774, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1772...
178270 List of Tithables, Washington County, Virginia
James Montgomery's Precinct
Frances Berry
4 horses, 5 cows
06 Apr. 178269 Washington County, Virginia Survey Records Abstracts, page 208
James McCutchion...300 ac...Preemption Warrant...on the Fifteen Mile Creek...Beginning corner to Francis Berrys land...by the knobs...corner to John Reids land...corner to Reids & Henrys land...corner to Samuel Henry...
21 Mar. 178356 At a Court held & continued for Washington County
Francis Berry proves five days attendance as a witness for Jas. Craig at the suit of Alexander Smith.
13 Mar. 178781 Washington County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 122
I, John Sharp, Senior, am bound 2,000£ to Benjamin Sharp for a tract of land on which John Sharp now lives lying on Beaver Creek above and joining the place where Jacob Wills now lives.
John Sharp (seal)
Wit.: Alexander Laughlin, Francis Berry
11 Sept. 178777 Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 1, page 59
William Kennedy to James Crow for 230£ a tract containing 300 acres by survey and granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia 22 June 1785. Lying on Fifteen Mile Creek ... corner to Francis Berrys land ... to Reid & Henry's land on Samuel Henry's line ...
Deed of Bargain & dele Exc. ACK & Rec 11 Septemer 1787
06 August 1799123 Washington County, Virginia Will Book 2, page 235
Know all men by these presents, That I, Francis Berry senior being in my right sences do make my last Will and Testament and do therefore appoint James Crow and James Trimble for my executors therefore if Samuel Dunlap does not pay for the land which was formerly my property purchased from me by said Samuel Dunlap before mentioned before my decease I do therefore authorize and impower said James Crow and James Trimble before mentioned being my executors, to receive ninty seven pounds lawful money of the currency of the State of Virginia from the said Samuel Dunlap above mentioned due to me by the said Samuel Dunlap for the ??? before mentioned sold by me to said Samuel Dunlap and when payment is made, the said James Crow and James Trimble is to give a right of said land to the above mentioned Samuel Dunlap and likewise to deliver up the bonds of said money, Above mentioned at the time of payment, And when I live and die I do therefore allow them to be reasonably and fully satisfied for the trouble and care they took of me during the term of time I abode with them
As for my son Francis I rest assured and am satisfied in my mind that he has received plenty both for the trouble he was at with me and his legacy likewise and I do then think proper to leave him in this my last Will and Testament one dollar and the remainder of my children namely Elizabeth Gibson and Thomas Berry to each one twenty shillings and my other three daughters namely Mary Johnston Rachel Trimble and Easter White the monies then remaining to be fairly and equally divided among them and do therefore acknowledge and certify this said Will and testament to be my true and genuine last Will and Testament and all other former Wills before made or caused to be made by me Francis Berry to be void, and this only to be my legal right and lawful last Will and testament as given under my hand and seal In the presence of John Ryburn John Trimble this sixth day of August one thousand and seven hundred and ninety nine 1799
by Francis Berry
Witness present
John Ryburn, John Trimble, James Trimble, Jr.
18 March 1800123 Washington County, Virginia Will Book 2, page 236
At a court held for Washington County the 18th day of March 1800, this last Will and Testament of Francis Berry dec. was exhibited into court and proved by the oaths of John Ryburn and James Trimble jun. two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be seconded. And on the motion of James Trimble and James Crow the executors therein named who took the oath prescribed by law and together with Samuel McChesney their securities acknowledged their bond in the sum of six hundred 66 dollars by ants (?) conditioned as the law directs. A certificate for the probat of the said will is therefore granted them in due form
And. Russell D.C.
18 March 180059 Washington County, Virginia, Executor Bonds 1790 - 1836
KNOW all men by these presents that we James Trimble, James Crow and Sam'l McChesney are held and firmly bound to Wm. McCoun, Matthew W. Doughty, Jno. Davis, Elijah ____ Samuel Meeks, James White & Alexander Doran, Gent justices now composing the court of Washington in the sum of six hundred 66 dollar 67 cents To which payment well and truly to be made to the said justices and their successors we bind ourselves our heirs Executors or Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Witness our hands and seals 18th day of March 18 The Condition of this is that if the said James Trimble & James Crow Executors of the last Will and Testament Fran.s Berry Deceased do make true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said deceased which have or shall come to the possession or knowledge of them the said Trimble & Crow _____ or into the hands or possession of other person or persons for them and the same so made to exhibit into the county court of Washington at such time as shall be thereto required by the said Court and the same good chattels and credits do well and truly administer according to Law, and make a just and true account of their actings and doings therein when thereunto required by the said County; and further do well and truly pay and deliver all the Legacies specified and contained in the said will as far as the said goods chattels & credits will extend and the law charge you (according to the value thereof) then this obligation to void otherwise to remain in full force.
Signed Sealed & delivered James Trimble (seal)
in presence of James Crow (seal)
Sam.l McChesney (seal)
20 April 1802167 Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 2, page 513
THIS INDENTURE made this twentieth day of April in the year our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two between James Crow and James Trimble Executors of the last Will and Testament of Francis Berry deceased of the one part and Samuel Delap of the other part all of Washington County and State of Virginia WITNESSSETH that whereas the said Francis Berry deceased in his life time did bargain and sell to the said Samuel Delap for the consideration of one hundred and forty pounds one hundred and forty acres of Land to the same more or less lying and being in the County of Washington on a branch of the middle fork of Holstein Granted to the said Francis By the Commonwealth of Virginia by Pattent dated the first day of May 1789; and whereas the said Francis by his last Will and Testament dated the sixth day of August 1799 duly proved and admitted to record in the County Court of Washintong did authorise direct and empower his Executors to Convey to the said Samuel Delap the aforesaid tract of Land and premises. Now this Indenture WITNESSETH that the said James Crow and James Trimble executors as aforesaid for and in consideration of the said sum of $140 to them in hand paid Do bargain and sell to the said Samuel Delap and his heirs forever the said one hundred and forty acres of Land be the same more or less and bounded as followeth to wit: BEGINNING at three white oaks on the side of a knob and corner to Samuel Henrys land North twenty degrees West one hundred and thirty six poles to two white oaks, South forty two degrees West one hundred and twenty eight poles to a black oak and white oak North eleven degrees West twenty two poles to three white oaks a corner to Thomas Hill and with his line South twenty nine degrees West ninety eight poles to three white oaks South twenty three degrees East twenty two poles to a white oak and poplar South forty three[?] degrees eighty six poles to two white oaks by the knobs North forty six degrees East one hundred and sixty seven poles to the BEGINNING with all its appurtenances TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract or parcel of Land with all its appurtenances to the said Samuel Delap and his heirs to the sole use and behoof of him the said Samuel Delap and his heirs forever and the said James Crow and James Trimble for the heirs of their said Testator do covenant with the said Samuel Delap and his heris that they the said James Crow and James Trimble for the heirs of their said Testator the said tract or parcel of land with all its appurtenances to the said Samuel Delap and his haeirs against the claims of all persons whosoever will warrant and shall forever defent. In Witness whereof the said James Crow and James Trimble have hereunto sat their hands & affixed their seals the day and year first above written.
James Crow S.S.
James Trimble S.S.
20 April 1802167 Washington County, Virginia Deed Book 2, page 513
At a Court held for Washington County the 20th day of April 1802. This Indenture of bargain and sale was acknowledged in Court by the above names James Crow and James Trimble Executors of the last Will and Testament of Francis Berry deceased and ordered to be recorded.
Attest. D. Campbell D.C.

Analysis of the Timeline

     Francis Berry first appears in primary source documents in his father's 1770 will, where both he (Francis Berry) and his son John Berry (the latter being one of the namesake grandsons of the elder John Berry) were awarded monetary distributions. Francis is also mentioned in the will as being a wheelright. It is of some interest to note that the elder John Berry designated his good friend, Alexander Walker, who was also noted to be a wheelright, to be one of the executors of the will. Alexander Walker's Borden Grant property can be found on Figure 8 (Table II), and, obviously, he did not live far from the known property owned by the elder John Berry in the northern part of the Borden Grant. Given the proximity and friendly relationship, it seems quite possible that Francis Berry learned the wheelright trade from his father's neighbor and friend, possibly as an apprentice. In the will, Charles, James, William and Francis are interpreted to be sons of the elder John Berry, and, of these sons, only Francis was awarded a monetary distribution in their father's will. This could suggest that the other sons had already received their share of the inheritance, further suggesting that Francis was the youngest of these brothers. 

    Francis Berry next appears in 1774, when he purchased 115 acres of land that was situated between Beverley Manor and North Mountain. Three years later he and Isabella sold the land to Andrew Haysaw. Although the acreage in the second land sale is somewhat less than in the original purchase, both property descriptions note the location as being between Beverley Manor and North Mountain, and, most likely, represent the same piece of land. The 1774 entry is merely an abstracted version, but the 1777 indenture agreement provides a detailed property description. If this property outline could be plotted, then it might be possible to determine its location along the boundary of Beverley's Grant. Unfortunately, an accurate diagram could not be constructed because of two problems. The first consisted of an incomplete property description. The distance between two of the points along the property boundary was unreadable on the original document, so the property boundary could not be plotted continuously from the beginning to the end point. Since the survey began and ended on the same point, however, the property outline could still be plotted by proceeding backward from the end point to where the gap in the distance measurement occurred. The missing distance measurement was still missing, but an approximate positioning could be ascertained from noting where the backward and forward segments of the plots met along the directional line from the last known point in the description.

    The second problem consisted of a significant closing error in the original survey, which prevented the closure of the surveyed property outlines. In plain English this means that, when plotted, the end point of the survey did not actually meet the beginning point in the survey, and, in fact, exhibited a considerable error in distance, which may, by the way, account the difference in acreage between the buying and selling of the land. The end result is that an outline of the property could not be accurately plotted. No creek names, adjacent property owners or other identifying features are named in the property description, other than a notation that several of the survey points coincided with points on the Beverley Grant border, so the position of this property could not be accurately determined. A generalized view of the region is shown in Figure 15, depicting the overall relationship of the Beverley and Borden Grants to the local mountains, and this provides about the only visualization possible for depicting the location of this property.

    In the late summer of 1777, Francis Berry and two of his sons (among many other people) are noted as owing money to the estate of a Roger North, who had lived in Staunton prior to his death. The only importance of this item is that it positively identifies two of Francis Berry's sons.21 The fact that Francis and Isabella sold their Augusta County, Virginia acreage in 1777 is somewhat significant in that records from Washington County, Virginia indicate that Francis Berry first settled in that area that year. Clearly, the Augusta County land was sold in preparation for moving the family to the southwestern part of the state, where so many other members of the Berry family already had moved. Although actual settlement of the Washington County land was made in 1777, Francis did not receive title until 1781 - four years later. The following year he first appeared as a landowner on the tax rolls, where he was listed as owning some livestock but no slaves. The location of this property is shown in Figure 22/Table III. Most of the 1781 and 1782 entries for Francis Berry consist of property descriptions of neighbors whose land bordered his property. In fact, the properties for all of the neighbors mentioned, Thomas Hill, Samuel Henry, James McCutchen, John Reid and Thomas Berry, can be found on Figure 22 and in Table III. A 1781 entry (which provided a generalized description of the property) notes that Francis purchased either 140 or 150 acres of land. Both acreage figures are expressed in the same entry, which makes it appear that two parcels of land are being described. In actuality, these probably represent the same parcel of land. The 140-acre figure is more likely an early estimate, while the higher figure probably represents a more accurate surveyed calculation. This entry also notes that Francis Berry was an assignee of William Berry, which means that William Berry was the original owner of the land, and that interest in the land was transferred (assigned) to Francis Berry.432 Apparently, William Berry purchased the land, then divvied out parcels to various individuals. Francis and William Berry were, no doubt, related, but the exact relationship is unknown. There were several William Berrys in both Augusta and Washington County at this time, one of them being a brother of Francis, but there is no evidence tying this William Berry to any particular individual.

    The will of the elder John Berry, Francis' father, was settled in 1781, and Francis was identified as receiving a monetary distribution. Two years later, Francis served for five days as a witness in a lawsuit, and in 1787, he was a witness in a land deal. Later in 1787, the land which had been originally purchased by James McCutchen, was sold to James Crow, and Francis Berry was noted as being an adjacent property owner. The next entry for Francis Berry is his will, which was written in the late summer of 1799, and James Crow, who had purchased the James McCutchen land just described, was identified as one of the executors. The first part of his will established that Samuel Dunlap had purchased some land from Francis Berry, and that if Samuel had not completed payments prior to his (Francis') death, then the executors were directed to collect the money and ensure that the title was transferred to Samuel Dunlap.

    The second segment of the will dealt with his children. He identified two sons, Francis and Thomas, and four daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel and Esther, and listed the married names of all of the daughters. No mention was made of the son named John Berry (who had been identified in the elder John Berry's will), George and James Berry (who had been noted as being sons of Francis from a 1777 Augusta County record) or his wife, Isabella. It could be that both John and George had passed away, or they had already received their inheritance. It is here interpreted that Isabella had passed away prior to this time. Apparently Francis was not pleased with the behavior of his son, Francis Jr., who, as will be seen in a later segment of the report, apparently had experienced some particularly difficult times. During the Revolutionary War, many families apparently had moved to Kentucky in search of new lands and to escape the effects of the Revolutionary War. In the summer of 1780, Francis Jr. and his family, along with other American settlers, were taken captive by the British and their Indian allies. They were first transported, mostly by foot, to Detroit, and, eventually, to Montreal, Canada, where they were eventually released at the end of the war, following four years of captivity. The Indians had looted their property and had killed all of the livestock at the time of their capture, and, while being held captive, new settlers had occupied their Kentucky property. Despite efforts through the courts, in which Francis, Jr. was fined for not being able to hold his tongue, the Berrys were unable to recover their lands from the new settlers. Support of these refugees must have produced quite a strain on the Berry and Sharp families, and after resettling on new land in Kentucky Francis Jr. eventually abandoned his wife and family.287,288,289,290

    On 18 March 1800, the will was proved, which brackets the date of Francis' death sometime in the seven-month period between that date and when the will was written. An appraisal of the estate was directed by the court, but those documents have not been obtained at this time. The last two entries for Francis Berry are related to the land sale to Samuel Dunlap, which appears to consist of the 140 acre tract which had been purchased by Francis in 1777. Since this appears to be the land that Francis had been living on for about 23 years, it seems likely that Samuel Dunlap could be another son in law not directly identified as such in the will.

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