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Timeline of Esther Berry and ? (Unknown First Name) White


6 April 1799123

Washington County, Virginia, Will Book 2, page 235
Know all men by these presents, That I, Francis Berry senior being in my right sences do make my last Will and Testament and do therefore appoint James Crow and James Trimble for my executors therefore if Samuel Dunlap does not pay for the land which was formerly my property purchased from me by said Samuel Dunlap before mentioned before my decease I do therefore authorize and impower said James Crow and James Trimble before mentioned being my executors, to receive ninty seven pounds lawful money of the currency of the State of Virginia from the said Samuel Dunlap above mentioned due to me by the said Samuel Dunlap for the ??? before mentioned sold by me to said Samuel Dunlap and when payment is made, the said James Crow and James Trimble is to give a right of said land to the above mentioned Samuel Dunlap and likewise to deliver up the bonds of said money, Above mentioned at the time of payment, And when I live and die I do therefore allow them to be reasonably and fully satisfied for the trouble and care they took of me during the term of time I abode with them. As for my son Francis I rest assured and am satisfied in my mind that he has received plenty both for the trouble he was at with me and his legacy likewise and I do then think proper to leave him in this my last Will and Testament one dollar and the remainder of my children namely Elizabeth Gibson and Thomas Berry to each one twenty shillings and my other three daughters namely Mary Johnston Rachel Trimble and Easter White the monies then remaining to be fairly and equally divided among them and do therefore acknowledge and certify this said Will and testament to be my true and genuine last Will and Testament and all other former Wills before made or caused to be made by me Francis Berry to be void, and this only to be my legal right and lawful last Will and testament as given under my hand and seal In the presence of John Ryburn John Trimble this sixth day of August one thousand and seven hundred and ninety nine 1799
by Francis Berry
Witness present
John Ryburn
John Trimble
James Trimble, Jr.

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