In Laws of Robert Nesbit
John Brown and Mary ? (Unknown Last Name)

     John Brown was born at unknown date and place, although it is known that his wife, Mary, came from Virginia. It is quite possible, then, that John Brown came from there, as well. Although the dates of their deaths are not known with certainty, it is known that they passed away in Harrison County sometime between 1810 and 1830, and were probably buried there.


Timeline of John Brown and Mary ? (Unknown Last Name)



1810 Federal Census Harrison County, Kentucky
John Brown
1 male 10 – 16  
2 males 16 – 26  
1 male > 45 John
1 female < 10  
1 female 16 – 26  
1 female > 45 Mary

19 Oct. 1815626

Fleming County, Kentucky, Set, file 3431, page 1
These leases or articles were used as evidence for the plaintiff to prove his right to the possession of the premises in contention.
I Francis Brown & Robert Nisbit of the County of Harrison and Commonwealth of Kentucky as attorney in fact for John Brown of the same place do agree to lease & let and set to farm whereon they now live in the County of Fleming on the waters of Triplett Creek under a Survey of 750 acres entered survey’d and patented in the name of the said John Brown for the term of one year time to Commence the 19th of October 1815 at the rate of five shillings p. year at expiration of the above term called upon by said Brown or agents to give up quiet & peaceable possession without any trouble or cost thereon as witness our hand the day and date in the preamble above mentioned.
Francis Brown
Jno. McIntire
Will. Ringo
John Royse
Robert Nisbet
Joseph Lee

31 Mar 1818627

Fleming County, Kentucky File #5986
It is agreed between Robert (sic) Attorney in fact for John Brown and John Royse as follows that the s.d Royse is to have the place whereon he now lives with all the Cleared land to farm for his own use the present year on his paying the said Nisbit thirty dollars current money of ---?- time to commence on the first day of the present month March & at the expiration of the above time then to deliver up said place in good order under the penalty of one hundred pounds unto said Nesbit witness there hands & seals the 31st day of March 1818.
In presence of
John Royce (seal)
Moses Clack _________ (seal)

29 Feb 1820626

Fleming County, Kentucky, Set, file 3431
It is agreed between Robert Nisbit of Harrison County and John Royse of Fleming County to wit said royse agrees to leese a small farm of s.d Nisbet on the east fork of triplets Creek for the term of two yeast it being the same place that Brown & Nisbet least to Joseph Lee in October 1815 for which said Royse is to pay said Nisbit twenty Dollars ten to be paid twelve month after date and tenat the end of the above term s.d Royse is to make note or notes of timber to make any waste of timer or sails and is to give said Nisbit peaceable possession at the end of said lease in the ----?-- sum of one hundred pounds as witness our hands this 29th day of February 1820.
Robert Nisbit
Robert Nichell

John Royse

Dec. 1842633

Harrison County, Kentucky December Court, page 83
Jno. F. Smith vs Charles Land ------?---
On the motion of Wm. Brown Gard. for Jno. W. Brandon & Cinti Brandon. Abraham North came into Court and made Oath to the following Statements. That Mary Brown, Dec.d, formerly of Virginia died in Harrison County, Kentucky about 12 or 20 years ago. That she left the following children now living, viz, Francis Brown who resides in Harrison County, Kentucky. James Brown who resides in Miami County, Ohio. John Brown who resides in Wayne County, Indiana, and Elizabeth Nesbit, late Elizabeth Brown who intermarried with Robert Nesbit and resides in Marion County, Missouri. That said Mary Brown, dec’d., had a son named Samuel Brown, now deceased, who left Darcas Brown and Benjamin Brandon as his Executors, Executrix and that said Mary Brown, Dec’d., had a daughter named Hester Brandon, formerly Hester Brown, now deceased, who left the following children, viz, Cincinnattus Brandon, John William Brandon & Ruth Jane Moyee, formerly Ruth Jane Moyee, and Montgomery Brandon, which was ord. to be certified to all whom this Land may concern [rest of document not photocopied]


Harrison County, Kentucky Circuit Court in Chancery
To the Honourable the Judge of the Harrison Circuit Court in Chancery sitting 1842 Humbly Complaining sheweth unto your Honour, your Orator and Oratrix, Robert Nesbit and Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Brown. That a certain John Brown and Mary his wife is their lifetime entered into an agreement bearing date the 26th day of March 1817 with a certain Samuel Brown, their son in which said agreement the said John Brown & Mary bargain and sell to the said Samuel a certain tract or parcel of land upon which they then lived lying in Harrison County and adjoining the lands of Lewis Reno so their containing by survey two hundred acres upon condition that said Sam.l continued to reside upon said land with the same John & Mary and support them in a decent manner as living as they both lived and in consideration of said land said Samuel also agreed at the disease of the said John & Mary or immediately thereafter and pay the following sums of money & in the following manner (to wit) -- unto William Brown, two Hundred & fifty dollars, unto Robert Nesbit & Elizabeth, his wife, formerly Elizabeth Brown, two hundred & fifty dollars and also to each of his other Brothers & Sisters the sum of two hundred & fifty dollars as will more fully appear by reference to said article of agreement, which will more fully appear by reference to said articles of agreement which will be or as certified when there--?- in due time files, and prayed to be taken as a part of this Bill. And the said John Brown also bound himself insaid agreement to oblige his Excer.s to make a deed of conveyance in fee simple to said Samuel for said land conditioned that each Heir who had received said sum should refund in case any part should be lost -- or will more full appear by reference to said agreement.
Your Orator & Oratrix charge that under & by virtue of said agreement the said Sam.l continues to hold from the said agreement the undisturbed possession of said land and reap all the profits arising thereform, and still continues to keep possession and enjoy the profits of the same. Your Orator & Oratrix would also state, that the said John & Mary have both since the date of said agreement departed this life, the said John on the (blank) day of (blank) and the said Mary on the (blank) day of (blank) leaving your Orator & Oratrix one of their Heirs. Your Orator & Oratrix would also state that since the death of said John & Mary, they have frequently called on the said Samuel for the Two hundred & fifty dollars due them ---?-- & by virtue of said agreement but he has failed & refused to pay the same ---- all which is contrary to equity &C.
To the end therefore that the said Samuel Brown may be made a Deft. to this Bill and that he may upon his corporal oath, true & perfect answer make to the allegations thereof a s fully as if repeated by way of interrogation, &C and the premises considered that your Honour may decree said Sam.l to pay your Orator & Oratrix the said sum of two hundred & fifty dollars with Interest thereon at the rate of six perct. per annum from the death of the said Mary -- the time when said sum was due & payable; and that your Honour grant unto your Orator & Oratrix such other & futher relief as to equity belongs &C and that your Honour grant unto your Orator & Oratrix the Comweth writ of S--?-- Commanding &C, Directd &C and they will we pray &C.
Wale & Warfield for Complts.


Analysis of the Timeline

     The meager primary source records that have been found, so far for John and Mary Brown tell a very sketchy story of origins in Virginia, migration to Kentucky and land ownership in both Harrison County and Fleming County. As previously noted, there were a series of court proceedings in Harrison County in 1842, long after the deaths of John and Mary that involved at least two of their children in monetary and legal disputes related to their inheritance. Betsy was supposed to receive $250 in exchange for her share of her father’s land, but her brother, Samuel, wouldn’t pay up. The existing records don’t indicate a resolution to the affair, but they do provide a great deal of information about the Brown family. From about 1815 onward, John’s son in law and one of his sons were involved in leasing lands that John had acquired, and the legal disputes over the sale of these lands continued into the 1830s. Additional research needs to be conducted to fill in additional detail on this lineage.


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