Samuel H. Bassitt - Civil War letter - Aug. 13, 1864

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Lewis Bassitt, b. 1825
Samuel's father, Lewis Bassitt c. 1890

Sarah Edgecomb Bassitt, b. 1831
Samuel's mother, Sarah (Edgecomb) Bassitt, c. 1890

                                Camp of the 27th Ohio Vet. Voll. Inft.
                                Marietta, Georgia, August the 13th, 1864

Ever kind and affectionate Father & Mother:

Time has placed an oppertunity this pleasant afternoon that i thought i would write you a few lines to let you know that i am well and Hearty and Hope and trust that those few lines may find you enjoying the same Health. I received a letter from you this morning and i also received 2 packages one containing 25 sheets of paper and 15 Envellopes, the other had 2 towles and 2 Handkerchieves and some other things and the greates of all was the Portraits of my most beloved Father & Mother which i had been Longin to see for the past 3 months and at last they arrived at Hand. Mother i think that your picture looked natural but Fathers diddent look so natural to me, as if i could see his face with my naked eye.

Well Father and Mother we are now camped in the edge of the town of Marietta. We came here on the evening of the 10 of August to do Guard here. We left the front on the morning of the 10. You better believe we have a little better time now than we have had for a time back. We dont haft to grind as much Hardtact as we have been in a habit of doing. We draw light bread scince we came. The news is that we are agoing to get payed off now soon, i wish that we would. This place is about twice as larg as Lima is and some of the buildings is a great deal larger than any in Lima. It is awfull warm down here yet. You wrote that you had got don harvesting and i was glad to hear it for i know that you have had to work hard this summer. But you have not been where you have been in danger all the time of having your nogin crackked. i tell you one will work pretty hard in building breastworks an fortifiing so that he can hid from them.

The Nonvetterans in our regiment startes for home tonight. The rest of the boys in our Company is well and hearty. The aint much agoing on in camp today.

So i will bring my scribbling to a close. From

Samuel Bassitt

To Father and Mother. Write soon. I most forgot to tell you that i received 15 postage stamps in that letter which i got this morning and i tell you now they come just in the time of kneede. Write soon


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