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Lima Weekly Gazette, Lima, Ohio, 7 Sep 1864
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                                Camp of the 27th Ohio Vet. Vol. Infant.
                                Marietta, Georgia
                                Sept. the 6th A. D. , 1864

Ever Kind Father and Mother

Time has once more placed an oportunity of which i am now engaged in scribbling you a few lines to let you know that I am still on the Land amonst the Living and sincearly hope and trust that those few unworthy lines may schance to find you enjoying the same state of good health.

I received your kind and most welcome rote Letter last night and was truly glad to hear from you once more and to hear that you were all well and hearty. Well Father i have been sick for the last too weaks i had the Chills and Diarnoea togeather. But have got about well So that i can do Duty once more.

Our Regiment is still Camped in Marietta and the duty is heavyer than ever one day we haft to go on Picket and then me next day on fatig Duty Building Forts and Breastworks. Atlanta has at last fallen. She fell on the 2nd Day of September A.D. 64 with the loss of 9 thousand Prisoners and a larg amount of Artillery and small armes. Our men have Driven them forty miles on the other side of Atlanta they had a fight with them on the 4th day of September capturing 2 thousand more Prisoners.

The Brigade that our regiment belongs to was all Killed and captured. It included the 39th Ohio 64th Ill l8th Missouri 17th New York and 32nd New York they were all captured. But our regiment happened to escape The report is that the rebble force is all scattered they say that the aint but six rebs left and the army of the Tennessee is after them.

I dont know wheather Letters will go through or not for it is reported that the Railroad is towrn up between Chattanooga and Nashville and also Between Nassville and Louisville. So i will bring my scribbling to a close hoping you will prosper in all your undertakings.

I remain your affectionate son -
                                From Samuel Bassitt
                                To Family and Relations

        Samuel Bassitt
        Company I, 27th Ohio Vet. Vol. Inft.
        1st Brigade 4th Division 16th A. C.
        Marietta Georgia

Write soon and dont delay for the morrow. You must excuse my poor hand write and write soon. Give these to Marquis and tell him they are rebs and ask him if he has forgotten me.


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