Samuel H. Bassitt - Civil War letter - Oct. 16, 1864

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Lima Weekly Gazette, Lima, Ohio, 26 Oct 1864


                                Camp of 27th Ohio Vet. Vol. Infantry
                                Marietta, Georgia
                                October 16th, A.D., 1864.

Dear Father & Mother

Time has once more placed an oportunity of which i am engaged in writing you a few Lines to let you know that i am still on the Land amonst the Living And sincearly hope and trust that those few unworthy Lines may schance to find you the same. I received your kind and most welcome wrote Letter on the 14th inst and was truly glad to near from you once more and to near that you were all well. For it had been quite a spell since i had received any Letter from you I begin to think that you had forgotten me entirely. But it was on the account of the Railroad being tore up from Bigshanty to Altona Mountain the Distance was 15 mile. Well Father Politics is raging pretty high down here with and amonst the Soldiers. Old Abe is all the goe now. At the State Election the other day the was five Democratic Tickets Voted in the regt. Our Company went Union all out And it will go for old Abe the same. We are Doing all kinds of Duty now at this present time. We are doing Provost gard and Picket and Fatig duty and Headquarter Duty and Foring And it keeps us on duty pretty near all the time. Old Hood and Sherman had a fight yesterday near Caves Springs, Georgia. I have not heard the result yet. Hood cut the railroad From Big Shanty to Altona Mountain on the 3rd of October. The distance is 15 miles and they got that fixed up so that the cars could run through and then they cut it again the distance was 12 miles and about the time they get that fixed he will Pitch in and cut it again.

Well Father you wrote that you had set Lawyer Guthrig to work to get my discharge i. hope he may be sucessfil in getting it so that i can come home once more and help you do your work for i know that you kneede someone to help you. Well Father i must bring my Letter to a close fore we have General Inspection this afternoon at one oclock and it will soon be time. I remain your affectionate Son And obblige me in writing soon.

                                From Samuel Bassitt
                                To Lewis Bassitt & Sarah Bassitt

Direct the same as before. Write soon and dont delay.


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