Samuel H. Bassitt - Civil War letter - Nov. 7, 1864

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                                Camp of 27th Ohio Veteran Vol. Infantry
                                Marietta, Georgia, November the 7th, A.D. 1864

Dear Mother:

I embrace the presant oportunity of writing you a few lines to let you know that i am still well and hearty and sincearly hope and trust that these few unworthy lines may chance to find you enjoying the same good health.

I received your kind and most welcome wrote letter yesterday and was truly glad to hear from you once more and to hear that you all were enjoying good health.

Well Mother we have not left this yet but we leave on the 8th and rejoin our Brigade which lays about four miles from this place. It is a raining here this evening and is pretty cold and disagreeable and it is tremendous muddy and it all is agoing to make hard, tiresome and disagreeable marching. We start with twenty (20) days rations along with us. I suppose that Reuben White has arrived at home with his little family1. Tell him that i say he has got his head out of one good march.

Mother, you must write right away as soon as we (you?) get this letter. This road is not agoing to be abandoned and therefore mail can come through. You must write once evry weak wheather you receive any ancer from me or not for we aint agoing to have much time to write, but i will write as often as i can. We have a good deal to see to today and therefore i cannot write much. We have all of our tents to turn over and camp utencils so as to be ready when our Brigade is. I think we will get payed off before we leave Atlanta. We are agoing their tomorrow. And i will send my money home if i can any way a tall. You said that mabby i thought that you diddent want me to come home. Never never do i think of any such a thing.

Well Mother i haft to bring my scribbling to a close for we are called on to turn over our things emidiately.

You must write soon and often wheather you receive any answer from me or not. Goodby

                                From Samuel Bassitt

I have written this letter in about too minutes.

Write soon and tell Father to go ahead with that Paper.


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[Transcripts from Civil War Letters binder in Allen County (Ohio) Museum library, c. 1975]
[Original letter in the Allen County (Ohio) Museum archives]


1.  Reuben White was discharged from the 81st O.V.I. on 2 Oct 1864 at the completion of a three year enlistment.  For more about Reuben, see the 5 May 1864 letter.