Samuel H. Bassitt - Civil War letter - Sep. 12, 1865

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                                Head Quarters Department of Georgia
                                Medical Director's Office
                                Augusta, Ga., 12" Sept., 1865.

Dear Father:

Your letter in answer to mine in reference to buying Bailey's store, is received. It is not very satisfactory on the main question but I presume I am to understand that a reasonable bargain cannot be obtained from Bailey. Well if he wants to be ciaxed as well as liberally paid, he can consider me out of the ring. I would like very much to be owner of a nice drug store in Lima, but if people are so excited there as to want as much for a good will as the stock is worth, I will try and find another location. I am sure the World is not entirely taken up, even if Lima is. Enclosed is a list of articles I would like you to send me immediately by Express. I consider myself a fixed institution in the Army and propose hereafter to devote my attention to making myself comfortable. Do not delay sending these things any longer than you can possibly avoid. Send a "bill"/ Direct to my address "Post Hospital", Augusta, Ga. I am well and living comfortably.

                                Your son



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[Transcripts from Civil War Letters binder in Allen County (Ohio) Museum library, c. 1975]
[Original letter in the Allen County (Ohio) Museum archives]

Baxter's Block, Lima, Ohio, 1864

Bailey's drug store ("Fluke & Bailey", third from left).  Advertisement from the Lima Weekly Gazette, Lima, Ohio, 30 Nov 1864.  Click here to view an advertisement from Fluke & Bailey, Lima Weekly Gazette, Lima, Ohio, 31 Aug 1864