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Map showing movement of Bassett, Edgecomb, and Snyder families
Map showing movement of Bassett and Edgecomb families (click for larger map)

Maps showing movement of Snyder ancestors
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Uriah and Betsey (Doud) Edgecomb webpage
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Samuel and Elsie (Lewis) Bassitt webpage
Discuss Bassett/Bassitt genealogy

Philip and Mary (Sharpsteen) Snyder webpage
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How are these three families connected?       
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Sarah Edgecomb Walter Edgecomb Clarinda Edgecomb Bassitt Edgecomb Snyder

Three of the children of Uriah and Betsey (Doud) Edgecomb lived in northeastern Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio, USA during the latter half of the 1800's.  Two married children of Samuel and Elsie (Lewis) Bassitt and the third married Peter Snyder.  Many of the children and grandchildren of these three families continued to live in that community and maintained close ties. 

View a PowerPoint presentation about these families (shown at 2007 Reunion, 7 Mb, requires PowerPoint or free PowerPoint viewer)

What was the Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion?

Small image of 1930 Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion
1930 Reunion in Lima, Ohio (click for a larger version)

1977 Reunion in Bath Twp., Allen Co., Ohio (click for a larger version)
1977 Reunion mailing ("The Story Behind the Seventieth Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion") - 2nd page

100th Reunion in 2007.  Bath Twp., Allen Co., Ohio (click for a larger version)

The Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder Reunion first met at Lewis Grove in rural Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio, USA in 1908.  The participants were primarily members of the interconnected families described above.  View notes from the first reunionPage two.  The organization meet yearly in the Lima, Ohio area on the second Sunday of August for 100 years. 

Post card from the third reunion (1910)Post card from the tenth reunion (1917)Post card from the twelfth reunion (1919).

Tour of Bassett-Edgecomb-Snyder historical places and cemeteries in the vicinity of Lima, Allen County, Ohio. 

Map of Bath Township, Allen County, Ohio from R. H. Harrison (1880). Atlas of Allen County, Ohio from Records and Original Surveys. Philadelphia: R.H. Harrison

About this archive

At the 100th Reunion in 2007 it was decided to discontinue the annual reunions, but to establish a presence on the Web where those interested in the family history could maintain contact, and where historical and genealogical information and documents could be archived and made available to anyone who was interested. 

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