Homepage of Betty's Family

Homepage for Betty's Family

I would like to thank my cousins for there help in my never ending search.

The Surnames are as follows:

Abrams, Accord, Acres, Aldeman, Allayne, Althaus, Althausen, Aoughsten, Armstron, Ashley, Baggs, Baker, Barker, Barnard, Barnet, Bass, Bates, Becka, Behrns, Bell, Berry Blair,Bliss, Breeden, Brookings, Brown. Browning, Burleigh, Busselman, Butler, Canada Cantu, Card, Childwall, Clark, Click, Cogswell, Collins, Commeau, Cook, Coppowe, Cray, Davis, Dean, Dear, Deming, Den Dijck, Derrick, Deskin, Dickens, Dickerson, Dodge, Dorris, Drake, Dunn, Ellis, Evans, Fellows, Fielding, Forst, Fort, Fowler, Frain, Friend, Garcia, Gardner, Gass, Green, Hall, Hankinson, Hankirtson, Hicks, Hilliard, Hofner, Holdridge, Holman, Holmes, Holsey, Houghton, Howard, Holmes Or Hulme, Hyde, James, Jaschke, Jeffcoat, Jenkins, Jentsch, Johnson, Jones, Keefe, Key, Knight Kring, LaBaume, Ledbetter, Longworthy, Lowry, Lucadou, Lusk, Martin

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