BOYD, Howard & Kathy Family
BOYD, Howard & Kathy Family
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"How Great Thou Art"
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Lucas, Marie & Howard Boyd, about 1970
The Joint Heirs, about 1970
L->R: Standing: Baritone: Stan Buford, Bass: Jim Case (Jolene Case-Williamson's uncle), Lead: Howard Lucas
Squatting in Front: Tenor: Stan Rule
The Families of Lois Marie and Howard, Memorial Day 1990, Boyd Family Reunion, Lake Murray, Ardmore, Carter Co., OK
Front center, clockwise: Janell, Maurice, Gary, Lois, Wayne, Tamra, Howard, Kathryn, and Isaac
Memorial Day 1990, Boyd Family Reunion @ Lake Murray, Ardmore, Carter Co., OK
L->R: Standing: Isaac, Kathy, Janelle, Wayne, Tamra, Gary, Maurice
Sitting: Howard, Lucas, Marie, Lois
Grandchildren of Hardy & Daisy Boyd at Boyd Family Reunion, 1994, Tenkiller Lake, Gore, OK
L->R: Males: Richard Williamson, Rick Hetherington, Gary Boyd, David Williamson, Jerry Brown, John Williamson, Howard Boyd
Females: Sandy Boyd, Sharon Hetherington Jones, Lois Marie Boyd Scheer
Lucas Boyd & his children with their families @ 1994 Boyd Reunion, Tenkiller Lake, Gore, OK
L->R: Maurice Scheer, Isaac Boyd with arms around his sister Janell, their parents: Kathy & Howard Boyd, Lois & Gary Scheer, Lucas Boyd
Boyd Reunion & Celebration of Lucas Boyd's 90th Birthday, July 5, 2003, Branson, Taney Co., MO
L->R: Left Side of Pillar-Back Row: Bob & Connie Way, Caleb Williamson & his parents: Janet & Richard, and brother: Zachary
Left Side of Pillar-Second Row From Back: Kevin Pennock, Stephen Brown, Amanda Williamson, Kim Williamson standing in front of her husband, Zachary, Donnie Jones
Left Side of Pillar-Third Row from Back: Tim Pennock and his father, Pepper, Linda Costanzo, Cory Jones with his girlfriend Vicki Garcia in front to his right and his mother Sharon Jones to his left
Left Side to Pillar-Front 2 Rows of Adults: Bobie Boyd, Barbara Pennock, Walter & Helen Lutke, Karen Hetherington slightly back, Mozell Hetherington and Rick Hetherington behind
Children Across the Front: Michael Costanzo, Bobie's grandchildren: Sharrie & Steven Boyd with John Costanzo standing behind Steven, Nancy Garcia (daughter of Vickie Garcia), Victoria Blyler, Kayce Fowler (Karen Hetherington's granddaughter) with Aly Covington in front, Matt Covington, Garrett Blyler
Right Side of Pillar-Back 2 Rows: Judy & Don Stallons, Tina & Marvin Morris, Teresa & John Williamson with son-in-law Tommy Covington, James Boyd (in rear) and his daughter Debbie Petty with her husband Richard
Far Right Side 2 Rows starting with Stacey Covington who is standing in front of her husband Tommy Covington, Carolyn Boyd, Gary Scheer, Wayne Blyler behind Maurice Scheer, Kathy Boyd with Howard Boyd in rear
Right Side from Pillar-Front Row of Adults: Bill & Betty Boyd, Robbie Johnson, Lucas Boyd, Luther Boyd, Lois Marie Scheer, Tamra Blyler, Janell & B.J. Klein
Kathy & Howard Boyd @ the home of Isaac & Maria Boyd celebrating the birth of their first grandchild, Trinity Marie.
December 2003, Fayetteville, Harnett Co., NC

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