HETHERINGTON, Alvin & Lementine Family
HETHERINGTON, Alvin & Lementine Family
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"Hot Kumquats"
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Alvin & Lementine Hetherington Family, 1890
L->R: Sitting: Anna Lementine (Goforth), Alvin Christmas
Standing: Stella, Roscoe Edgar, Dora Belle
Alvin & Lementine Hetherington & Dora Belle Elliott Family, July 11, 1929
L->R: Alvin Christmas, Anna Lementine, Hazel Belle (Willis) Elliott, Dora Belle (Hetherington) Elliott, Loren Lester Elliott, Lola Fern (Elliott) Saunders, child is Wanda June Saunders. Woman in white hat is unidentified, but is likely Stella Hetherington-Steely.  (Wesley bought almost all of the Hetherington's property on the Missouri-Oklahoma state line 1/4 mile south of Kansas state line and 60 miles north of the Missouri-Arkansas state line, including the house and barn.  Afterwards, Alvin then built a home for his family on a small parcel of the property.)

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