HETHERINGTON, Jason & Shonda Family
HETHERINGTON, Jason & Shonda Family
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"Beauty and the Beast"
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Rick Hetherington & his children @ Boyd Family Reunion, 1994, Tenkiller Lake, Gore, OK
L->R: Jason Hetherington, Kim Adams & Rick Hetherington
Rick Hetherington & his children with their spouses @ Boyd Family Reunion, 1994, Tenkiller Lake, Gore, OK
L->R: Lance & Kim Adams, Jason & Shonda Hetherington, Karen & Rick Hetherington
L->R: January 29, 2002
Kim Hetherington, Jason Hetherington (Kim's brother), Damon Fleming in rear, Shonda (Jason's wife)Luncheon at church before funeral of Richard E. Hetherington
Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., TX
Grandchildren of Richard & Mozell Hetherington, January 29, 2002
L->R: Back Row: Kimberly Christine Hetherington, Kelly Alvin Fleming, Joshua Boyd Jones, Chad Tee Brown, Jason Boyd Hetherington, Cory Allen Jones
Front Row: Damon Blaine Fleming, Roxana Lyn Hodge, Britt Marie Nieto, Kyle Reagan Jones
After attending funeral of Richard (Dick) Eugene Hetherington
Mt. Enterprise, Rusk Co., TX
Children of Jason & Shonda Hetherington: Merrik and newborn, Tyler Christine (named after Uncle Tye (Tim) Goddard. Born on July 19, 2002; weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was 18 1/4 inches long.
The Hetherington's 2002 Christmas Card
Starting front center and moving clockwise: Jason Boyd, Merrik Laine, Shonda and Tyler Christine

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