MARDEN, Nate & Nettie Family
MARDEN, Nate & Nettie Family
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"Zoot Suit Riot"
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Nathan Franklin & Nettie Viola Marden, 1921, Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
L->R: Delores, Nettie & Clara Belle Marden, 1925, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK
Daughters of Nathan & Nettie Marden: Delores & Clara Belle, 1927, Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
Clara Belle Marden, 1938, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK
The Marden Family, 1941, Oklahoma City, OK
L->R: Back Row: Nathan Franklin & Dale Franklin
Front Row: Clara Belle, Nettie Viola, & Delores
Wedding of Dale Franklin Marden & Margie Jones, 1949, Joplin, Jasper Co., MO
L->R: Dale, his mother Nettie, Margie, and Dale's father Nate Marden
Children of Jay & Clara Smith, 1962, Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
L->R: Standing: Orena Smith Short, Otho Smith, Lewis Smith, Glen Smith
Sitting: Nettie Smith Marden, Erma Maude Smith Dennis, Opal Smith Arledge
WILLIAMSON-MILLNER Wedding, June 1975, Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
L->R: Groom's parents: Sidney Horace & Delores Kathryn Williamson, Richard Floyd & Jan Williamson, Groom's grandparents: Nathan Franklin & Nettie Viola Marden
L->R: Teresa Williamson, Grandparents: Nettie & Nate Marden, and Rick Williamson with wife, Jan Millner Williamson
1981, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR
4 Generations, 1981, Willow Springs, Howell Co., MO
L->R: Clara Belle Swecker, Teresa Williamson, Stacey Covington, & Nettie Marden seated in front
Ralph Floyd & Clara Belle Swecker, 1992, 50th Wedding Anniversary
L->R: Standing: Dale & Alice Marden, Ralph & Clara Swecker, Sidney & Delores Williamson, Teresa Williamson, Monty & Georgia Williamson
Seated: John Williamson, Nate Marden, Stacey Covington

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