McCARTY, Cleo Family
McCARTY, Cleo Family
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"Deep Purple"
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Daughters of David & Sallie Mathews, about 1951
L->R: Cleo, Sallie, Abbie, Mabel
Sallie Mathews Family, about 1951 
L->R: Standing: Brother & Sisters: Sallie, Mabel, Bud, Abbie, & Cleo
Sitting: Mother: Sallie Mathews
Mathews Sisters: Mabel Ely, Cleo McCarty, & Sallie Underwood, about 1951
Sisters: Sallie Underwood & Cleo McCarty, about 1951
Sisters: Cleo McCarty & Mabel Ely, about 1953
Cleo McCarty & Roy Ely, about 1953

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