The Bezbrozh family has its origins in the Ukraine, in the village of Lysyanka

Meyer Bezbrozh
Moishe Bezbrozh
Noech Bezbrozh
History of the Bezbrozh Family

"There were three brothers…"

My father, Ralph Bernstein, when talking about the history of his family, used to tell me, "There were three
brothers, Meyer, Noech and Moishe." These three brothers came from the town of Lysyanka, in the Ukraine.
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My father also told me that the family name was not Bernstein, but Bezbrozh (Russian: Безброж).

My father's father, Pincas (or Pinnie) Bezbrozh and his six brothers all changed their name to
Bernstein upon arriving in the United States. The three brothers my father told me about, Meyer,
Noech and Moishe, are the ancestors of over one hundred and fifty people living today in the United
States, Canada, Israel, Europe and the former Soviet Union. Here is story of the Bezbrozh family.
The three brothers: Meyer, Moishe and Noech Bezbrozh
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