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  • William DEALE immigrated before 1691 to , Calvert, Maryland. He signed a will on 13 Dec 1718 in , Calvert, Maryland. The will was witnessed by Richard Stallings and Jacob Stallings, and was approved on 10 Apr 1731. The abstract of the will reads:
    "Give and bequeath unto my living son, Richard Deale, one negro woman named Kate and to be delivered after I am deceased.
    Give and bequeath unto my four loving children, namely Jacob Deale, Sarah Deale, Alexander Deale, and John Deale, three negro children named Jenny, Bridget, and Mareah to be equally divided in value between them at 16 years.
    Give and bequeath unto my loving son James Deale, one horse colt that came of the mare called Shelick.
    Give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Sarah Deale one featherbed and furniture, one cow and one calf at age sixteen or day of marriage.
    Give and bequeath unto my loving son John Deale, one featherbed and furniture, one cow and one calf at age sixteen or day of marriage.
    Give and bequeath unto my children, Alexander Deale, Sarah Deale, and John Deale, one young mare called Rose and her increase to be equally divided between them at 16 years and my will that all my children be of age when they come to the age of 16 and further my will is that is any of my four children should die before they attain and their increase before given and bequeathed equally divided between survivors.
    Appoint my son, Richard Deale, to be my children's guardian. All the rest of my estate not bequeathed I give and bequeath unto all my children namely, Richard Deale, Elizabeth Wells, William Deale, James Deale, Jacob Deale, Alexander Deale, Sarah Deale, and John Deale equally divided.
    He died in 1731 in , Calvert, Maryland. He estate was inventoried on 2 Oct 1733 in , Calvert, Maryland. The inventory of "personal goods and chattels" was valued at 5 pounds, 5 shilling, 11 pence. It consisted of "wearing apparell; 9 1/4 lbs. old pewter; 1 old trawl, 1 old bag of iron; 1 featherbed, bolster and old rugg; 20 pot iron; 1 old frying pan, 1 old pair flesh fer; 1 stone butter pott, 2 old candlesticks; 1 pair fire tongs, pair horse flooms; 1 razor, 1 plow shear; and 2 sows, 1 grid iron." He was a Planter.
    He was married to Elizabeth STALLINGS before 1692 in , Calvert, Maryland. Children were: Richard DEALE , Elizabeth DEALE, William DEALE , James DEALE, Jacob DEALE , Alexander DEALE, Sarah DEALE , John DEALE.

    From "Connections 1999" An Encyclopedia of 40,000 Individuals Related to Upstate SC Pioneer Families
    By Richard Fowler
    Indentured servant from England To Barbados to Maryland
    Proof of Conviction for treason, then commutation of sentence to servitude by James II of England. Proof of transport, proof of reception and transfer. Record of master in Maryland, Will of Father in-law 1703 and his own will 1718.

    Calvert, MD 1800 Federal Census
    438 19 Deal John
    438 27 Deale William
    438 28 Deale William Jun

    Maryland Calendar of Wills, Calvert Co., MD
    Will of John Laurence made Dec 20, 1691, proved Jul 20, 1698
    Will names wife, Margaret; son, George; daughters, Jane and Sarah; Exec: wife, Margaret; Wit: John Hunt, Richard Stallings, Sr., John Stallings and William Deale.

    Maryland, Vol 11, Abstracts, pg. 417-419
    Apr 11, 1703, Richard Stallings made a will in 1703 and mentions five children of his daughter Elizabeth Deall and her husband William, named, Richard, Eliza, Sarah, William and James Deall. To Elizabeth, wife of William Deale, he left "The Meadows" which he had bought from Henry Cox. The land of William Deale acquired by his wife actually belonged originally to Thomas Cox, the Puritan settler. This land was located just north of the present day town of Huntington, formerly called Hunting Town, and located a bit further south.

    Calvert Co., MD Calendar of Wills, Vol 6
    Will of William Deal (Deale) made Dec 13, 1718, proved Apr 10, 1731
    To son Richard and 4 children, Jacob, Alexander, Sarah and John, as they come to age of 16 yrs., and son James, personality. To all children, viz. Richard, Elizabeth Wells, William, James, Jacob, Alexander, Sarah and John, residue of estate equally. Son Richard, executer and guardian to children. Test: Richard Stallinges, Jacob Stallinges. Apr 22, 1731. Richard Deale renounces exec. to James Deale.

    Will of John, Lawrence made Dec 20, 1691, probated Jul 20, 1698 in Calvert County, MD
    To son George and heirs, home plantation and 150 acres adjoining thereto. To wife Margaret, exec., and daughters, Jane and Sarah, personalty. Said daughters to inherit plantation aforesaid in event of death of son George during minority or without issue. Test: Jno. Hunt, Rich'd Stalings, Sr., Jno. Stallings, Wm. Deale.

    hi, i know this post was not posted to me but i have some information...i am the granddaughter of Radford Roy Deal..The John W. Deal that was born in 1774 in VA to Alexander Deal b. 1755 and Mary Bourne B. 1755 in Culpepper County, Va. He was married to Frances "Fanny" Collins in 1790 in Brooklyn, Noxubee County, MS. One of his children was Lemarcus b.1810, others were Elizabeth, Emma, Fannie C. Deal, Jackson, Sarah b.2/15/1811, Mary b. 3/1/1813, Alexander b. 1818, Susan b. 1822, Braxton b. 1823 and Richard b. 1825.

    Alexander Deal (b. 1755 d. 1803 in Laurens County, SC), father of John W. Deal, was born to Alexander Deal (b. 1708 in Calvert County, MD) and Susannah Wilson (b. in Calvert County, MD). Alexander Deal (b. 1755) in 1781 is on List #15 of the Classes in Culpepper County for Recruiting this Quota of Troops to serve in the Continental Army. Alexander is recognized as a patriot by DAR. His children were Alexander Foster Deal (b. between 1795-1796), Demillion Deal, James Deal, Lemarcus Deal (b. Laurens County, SC), Mary "Polly" Deal (b. bef. 1780, Sarah "Sally" and John W. Deal b. 1774 in Va.

    Alexander Deal (b. 1708) father of Alexander Deal (b. 1755), died on January 1786 in Laurens County, SC. was born to William Deal (b. 1647 in Scotland) and Elizabeth "Eliza" Stallings b. 1655 in Calvert County, MD. Alexander Deal (b. 1708) was married to Susannah Wilson before 1731 in Calvert County, MD. Their Children were Demillion Deal, Martin, Richard, Clement (b. 1753), Alexander (b. 1755) & John.

    William Deal, father of Alexander Deal (b. 1708), was born in Scotland in 1647 to Alexander Deal and Margaret Ramsey. was Married to Elizabeth "Eliza" Stallings before 1692 in Calvert County, MD. Their Children were Richard Deal (b. 1692), Elizabeth Deal (b.1694), Sarah (b. 1696), William (b. 1698), James (b. 1701), Jacob (b. after 1703), John (b. after 1703) and Alexander (b. 1708).

    I also found out that William's Wife Elizabeth "Eliza" Stallings parents were Richard Stallings b. 1603 in Lincolnshire, England and Lavaria Kingland also born in Lincolnshire, England.
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