Isaac Goodman West

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    Isaac Goodman West
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  • [JOHNWESTSR.FTW] NO LAST NAME HAS BEEN FOUND FOR THE MOTHER OF ISAAC WEST When he married Nancy S. Wallace in Leake Co. Ms. he is shown in one part of marriage bond as "Isaac J. West" and the other part as "Isaac Wallace", but his signature was "Isaac G. West". William C. Wallace Jr. was the bondsman. Isaac G. West was shown on the 1870 Census of Rusk Co. Texas as "Isaac H. West." It appears that he went by his initials "I.G."
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Isaac Goodman West (~1830-~1890) GA--MS-TX
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Rufus West (~1802-) GA--GA--GA-MS
[2.01*  ]   Hannah Wallis Wallace (1804-~1870) GA-TX
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   John West, Sr. (1762-1836) NC--GA--GA
[3.01*  ]   Mary Parker (1770->1840) NC-GA
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