Hannah Doty

  • Name
    Hannah Doty
  • Notes for HANNAH DOTY(?):
    From Daniel W. Smith, descendant of Reuben & Hannah/Arthur & Mary:
    "About Hannah Doty (?) b. 1755. My Patriot Ancestor, Josiah Warren, born 2/18/1759, died 1809 in Laurens Co., GA was married to Nancy Doty, born 5/15/1763 in Onslow Co., NC, died 1809. They married in 1780. Nancy was the daughter of Benajah Doty, decendant of Edward Doty, Pilgrim. She is also a descendent of Edward Fuller and Rev. John Lothrope. Could Hannah and Nancy be sisters?"

    More About HANNAH DOTY(?):
    Fact 2: Tyger Baptist Cemetery, Greenville Co., SC

    Hannah's last name could be Nelson.
    Jessica's Notes:
    Rueben Barrett's great great great granddaughter is my great grandmother. My
    records from the Dept. of Archives and from my g-grandmother show that he was
    born in Ireland and his wife Hannah NELSON was born in Scotland. Reuben was
    a horseman in the Rev. War in 1780-1781. And Hannah's father Robert Nelson
    was a doctor during this war.
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