Mary Francis `Caroline` Lee

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    Mary Francis "Caroline" Lee [S389]
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    Mary Francis Caroline Lee [S389] [S392]
    Details: Database online. Citation Text: Record for Mary Francis Caroline Lee
    Details: Database online. Citation Text: Record for Jacob Lee
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  • She Is believed to be part Indian. Patentee Name: LEE, WILLIAM Warrantee Name: Authority: April 24, 1820: Cash Entry Sale (3 Stat. 566) Signature Present: Y Signature Date: 01/03/1860 Metes/Bounds: N Survey Date: Subsurface Reserved: N Land Office: NATCHITOCHES Comments: Legal Land Descriptions Nr. Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Township Range Fract. Sect. Meridian Acres Counties 1 NW 28/ 22-N 7-W N LOUISIANA MERIDIAN 160.25 CLAIBORNE LEE WILLIAM F 22 16S 7W 80 1895/05/03 LEE WILLIAM 21 15S 7W 40 1850/04/01 LEE WILLIAM 6 16S 5W 36.96 1857/09/01 The above land records were from Ashley Co. AR. I think this may or may not have been related to Mary Francis Caroline Lee. I have not found any proof of this. 10 f.0042.x Lee, Mary Frances Caroline 1837.11.18.MS-1894 m.1855.10.14.Claiborne'LA [Warren Stephenson, USPS] "Quote of Uncle Jim, Aunt Missie & Mr. Tom Harris" by Vivian Harris Caroline's husband was a soldier in the war and the enemy soldiers were going through the country burning houses and when they came to Caroline's home she took the 4 children and fled to the woods. As she left she took the axe with them. They had to spend the night in the woods where they took the axe and built a pole pen to spend the night in. That night the wolves would try to scratch under poles to get to them and she would ward them off by cutting their feet with the axe. S. A. Stephenson Caroline's husband, was killed in the and after a few years, she met and married Mr. O. J. (Jack) Harris. Notice all the 11 children of Caroline Lee and Jack Harris had 2 years between them. The mothers nursed them 2 years and that usually kept them from getting pregnant. Caroline's son, James M., was uncle Jim Stephenson who later became a Methodist preacher. He fell in love with a 13 year old girl. They decided to marry and he put her on the horse with him and eloped. They had a long and eventful life. His wife was called "Aunt Missie". Her Name was Laura Adeline Baucum. Mary Francis Caroline Lee was born on Nov. 18,1838 in Mississippi. She married Silas Austin Stephenson on Oct 8, 1855 with whom she had four children: Mare E (born August 30, 1856, John Henry (born March 4, 1858), James Madison (born May 2, 1860) and William Arkie (March 31, 1862). Silas Austin Stephenson was killed during the civil war. Caroline then married Overton Jackson Harris on September 1, 1878. They had two children: Thomas Edward (b. July 7,1879) and Henry Jackson (b. Feb 17,1881). Caroline died in 1894.
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Mary Francis `Caroline` Lee (1838-<1890)
Generation 2
[1.02*  ]   Jacob H Lee (1796-) TN-MS
[2.01*  ]   Leah Kyle Davis Horne (1800-1865) NC-LA
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