John William Crick

  • Marriage found- don't know which John Crick Crick, John married Landrum, Nancy on 20 Sep 1825 in Williamson County, Tennessee JOHN W. CRICK, (b. 12 Apr 1776; d. 1849); arrived Williamson Co., TN from SC abt. 1808-09; mar. Elizabeth (b. 01 Sep 1776, NC) - Elizabeth was still living in Bedford Co., TN in 1870. In 1860 Elizabeth, age 83, lived with son, Newton.; 1810 State tax only for Williamson Co., TN lists a John Crick. John served in mullins company, William carroll's brigade,Andrew Jackson's division in war of 1812. drafted in williamsoncounty tn. [Information herein compiled by Albert C. Jones, 110 W. Daytona Dr., Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415, from data received from family, census, and secondary sources in various libraries. Very little has been verified by documentation. Any corrections, additions, deletions are welcome.] [A letter from Dr. J. M. Jones (Veterinanian in Lewisburg, TN & grandson of Newton Cannon Crick) dated 03 Jan 1944 states: "I am informed that John Crick, Sr. came to this country from England... The father of John Sr. was named Jacob and his father was named John. Neither of the latter mentioned two ever lived in this country."]
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   John William Crick (1776-1857) CON-SC-TN
Generation 2
[1.02* 3]   Jacob Henry Crick (1745-1805) ENG-CON-SC
[2.01*  ]   ELIZABETH GIBSON (1748-1795) LND-CON-SC
Generation 3
[3.01*  ]   Ann Crick (1732-~1782) ENG-KEN
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