Martha Emily McMahan

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    Martha Emily McMahan
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  • Martha Emily and her children were living with Martha (Cochran) McMahen in 1880, Columbia, AR Surname, Given Rel Sex Marr Race Age BP FBP MBP Occup MCMAHEN, Martha Head F W W 52 GA GA NC Keeping House MCMAHEN, Nancy N. Dau F S W 20 LA SC GA At Home MCMAHEN, George S. Son M S W 19 LA SC GA Farmer MCMAHEN, Robert W. Son M S W 16 LA SC GA Works On Farm MCMAHEN, James A. Son M S W 14 AR SC GA Works On Farm MCMAHEN, Augustus C. Son M S W 10 AR SC GA Works On Farm WILLIAMS, Mary J. SDau F W W 48 TN SC SC SPENCER, Ellen GDau F S W 12 AR MS TN At Home SPENCER, Nancy L. GDau F S W 10 LA MS TN At Home SPENCER, John S. GSon M S W 5 LA MS TN
    6 Total Ancestors
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Martha Emily McMahan (1844-1878) TN-LA
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Hugh Blair McMahan (1804-1880) SC-AL-TN-LA-AR
[2.01  4]   Elizabeth HOOD (1807-1857) SC-AL-TN-LA
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   David McMahen (~1775-~1828) CE-TN-USA-TN-AL
[2.02*  ]   Mathew Hood, Sr. (1756-1821) SC
[3.01*  ]   Sarah Unknown (~1780-) CE-TN
[4.01*  ]   Mary Smith (1759-1824) SC
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