John Bourne, Jr

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    John Bourne Jr [S241]
    Details: Database online. Citation Text: Record for Eleanor (Mary) Bourne
  • According to an entry in the old family Bible belonging to his son Francis, John Bourne, Jr. was born in Essex County, Virginia in September 1707. When he was fourteen, his father died and he inherited the family plantation. He became the head of the household. He must have married young because his son Francis was born in 1727. His first wife was Miss Ramsey. After his first wife died, he married Ellen Eleanor Davis who survived him. In 1734 John Bourne, Jr. sold his farm near Fredericksburg, Virginia and moved to Culpeper Co, Virginia on the Rapidian River with his brothers Andrew and Henry. They suffered extreme hardships both going and after their arrival. John and Andrew were in St. Mark's Parish which soon became Culpeper County. They obtained land from the Spotswood Estate (Orange County Deed Book 5, p210-218) In the first deed dated 31 March 1742, John and his son Francis obtained 150 acres. In the second deed on the same day, his brothers Andrew and Henry also obtained 150 acres. This land became the base of the Bourne family in Virginia until they moved to Kentucky. He died a sudden death in 1774. It was said to be from a fall from a horse. In Culpeper County Records, August Court 1774, on the motion of Eleanor Bourne, widow, and John Bourne, a certificate is granted to them for obtaining letters of administration upon the estate of John Bourne. Upon order of the Court of Culpeper County, John Foushee, John Grigsby and Peter Gatewood met at the late dwelling house of Jouhn Bourne, deceased, and valued and appraised all the slaves and personal estate belonging to said Bourne which included among other things a lease from Spotswood for 200 acres of land, the following slaves: Tom, Moses, Jack, Will, Aba. Bess amd Sul. Also one large church Bible and other old books. There was apparently some trouble is settling the estate because records of several court cases appear in the files of the Superior Court of Chancery, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Some of the births, marriages and deaths of this family are taken from the World Family Tree where they are referenced to a letter written by R.S. Duncan in 1893. Reference: Katz, Gertrude Price "Family History of the Courne, Morton, Price and Allied Families of Virginia and Kentucky"
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   John Bourne, Jr (1707-1774) VA
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   John Bourne (1672-1720) VA
[2.01  4]   Elizabeth Johnson (1676-1760) VA
Generation 3
[1.03  5]   John Bourne (1654-1712) DEV-VA
[2.02*  ]   Henry Johnson (~1662-)
[3.01*  ]   Christian Taliaferro (1654-1713) VA
[4.01*  ]   Mary Taliaferro (1676-1760) VA
Generation 4
[1.04*  ]   William Bourne (1640-1672) DEV
[5.01*  ]   Anne Morgan Kirby (1635-1695) DEV-VA
Sarah Bourne (~1734-)
John Bourne (1738-)
Hannah Bourne (~1743-)
Joseph Bourne (~1743-)
Jane Bourne (1747-~1845)
Mary Bourne (1755-1834)
Catherine Bourne (1763-1833)
John Bourne, Jr (1707-1774)
John Bourne (1672-1720)
Elizabeth Johnson (1676-1760)
John Bourne (1654-1712)
Henry Johnson (~1662-)
Mary Taliaferro (1676-1760)
William Bourne (1640-1672)
Anne Morgan Kirby (1635-1695)
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