Rufus West

  • [JOHNWESTSR.FTW] ATTENDED GREENSBORO ACADEMY IN GREENSBORO, GEORGIA Was on the Police Board in Leake County, Mississippi in 1860. No date or place of death for Rufus Sr. has been found. "Rufus " appears to be a nickname for Robert. There were several letters in the Post office in Jasper County, Ga. in 1820-1830 for Robert K. West, and there was no one of that name on the census.
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Rufus West (~1802-) GA--GA--GA-MS
Generation 2
[1.02*  ]   John West, Sr. (1762-1836) NC--GA--GA
[2.01*  ]   Mary Parker (1770->1840) NC-GA
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