Mary White

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    Mary White [S512]
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  • [WardOliverFile1.FTW] Lowndes County, Alabama Bond Book #1, p 20 State of Alabama, Lowndes County Know all Men by these presents that we John Oliver And Whiting Oliver & Allen Love are held and firmly Bound unto Peter Williamson Judge of the County Court of Lowndes County and his Successors in Office in the full and Just Sum of Eight Thousand Dollars for the which payment will And truly to be Made and done we do hereby bind Ourselves our heirs Executors And Administrators Jointly & Severly firmly by these presents. In Witness whereof we have hereunto Set our hands And Affixed our Seals this 14th day of December 1831. The Condition of the above obligation is Such that whereas the above Bound John Oliver hath been duly Appointed Administra- tor with Henry Hayes of the Goods and Chattles Rights And Credits which were of Mary Rakestraw of the County Aforesaid Deceased. Now if the Said John Oliver Shall well & truly Administer the Said Estate According to Law And Make a Return of all his proceedings as Such then the above obli- gation to be Null & Void. Signed Sealed & delivered John Oliver (seal) In the presence of Whiting Oliver (seal) Attest: S.W. Meriwether Allen Love (seal)
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Mary White (~1748-1831) VA-AL
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   John White (1719-1782) VA
[2.01*  ]   Mary Unknown (~1720-) VA
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   John White (~1670-1744) VA
[3.01*  ]   Catherine Brewer (1691-) VA
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