Alexander Deale, I

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    Alexander Deale I [S482]
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  • Incerpt from Jeanie Sharp Nance:
    "According to "Fourteen Frontier Families," compiled by Mary Sparks Matthews, "The first records found for this branch of the Deale family are in Culpepper County, Virginia. There, on 21 August 1771, Alexander and Clement Deale bought a 153 acre tract of land on the north side of the Rapidan River from Francis and Lucy Moore. The cost was two hundred and twenty-one pounds and thirteen shillings."

    By 1785, Alexander and his two sons were living in the 86th District of South Carolina.

    According to the Laurens County, SC Deed Book A, p. 134, dated 7 April 1785, Alexander was left 150 acres in the fork of Banks Creek as well as some slaves. "

    Alexander Deale left in his will to his two sons, Clement and Alexander, Jr., "150 acres on which I now live in the fork of Banks Creek [Laurens County, SC} and slaves" (Recorded in Laurens County, SC, Deed Book A, p. 134, 7 Apr 1785.)

    A Thomas Deale, Esq. is mentioned as one of the executors of the estate of Martha Beazley, of SC in 1745. Could he be Alexander's father?
    Information from Gene Boggess file.
    The following is a alphabetized by last name for:
    Colony of South Carolina Compiled by: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
    Records of 1716 to 1783 Internet:
    L Name F Name Date County St Type Township
    --------------- -------------- ---- -------- -- ---------------- ------------------
    DEAL , Alexander 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
    DEAL , Clement 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
    DEAL , Harten 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
    DEAL , William 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
    DEALWOOD , John 1779 Colony, SC Resident Old 96th DISTRICT
    DEALY , Joseph 1716 Colony, SC Petitioner No Twp. Listed[ac.FTW]

    Prerogative Court Abstracts, Inventories, 16.354 I CA £68.5.10
    Josiah Wilson of Calvert Co., Nov 2, 1731, Feb 1, 1731
    Appraisers: William Harrison, Thomas Hardy. Creditors: Turnor Wootton, Jo. Camilton.
    Next of kin: Thomas Wilson, Joseph Wilson. Executors: Alexander Deale and his wife Susannah Deale.

    Prerogative Court Abstracts, Administration Accounts
    13.282 A CA £68.5.10 £29.7.7
    Sep 4, 1735, Josiah Wilson, payments to Turnor Wootton, Dr. John Hamilton, Dr. Witham, Dr. John Haswell, Christopher Beans, Joseph Hall, Charles Calvert, Esq., Gabriel Parker. Executrix: Susannah Deale, wife of Alexander Deale.
    13.49 A CA £1882.6.0 £697.12.5
    Mar 29, 1735, Estate of Richard Smith received from Alexander Deal...
    16.149 A CA £609.9.4 £199.3.6
    May 19, 1738, William Hickman received from Alexander Deal...
    34.223 A CA £1084.12.11 £504.1.8
    Jun 14, 1753, Littleton Waters, payments to Alexander Deale...
    36.28 A PG £783.13.8 £143.15.9
    Jan 14, 1754, James Wilson received from Jacob Deal and Alexander Deal...

    Augusta Co., VA Patents No. 32 1752-1756 pg. 569
    Jun 13, 1755, Alexander Deal received a land patent for 80 acres on a branch on Carrs Creek.

    Prerogative Court Abstracts, Inventories, 91.16 I BA £5.5.0
    Dec 6, 1766, James Deale, dec'd., appraisers: John Brown and Beale Howard, creditors: Charles Lin and William Fisher, Jr., next of kin: Alexander and Susannah Deale, administrator: William Fisher, Jr.

    102.45 I CA £219.11.5,
    Aug 30, 1768, Aug 7, 1769, James Deale, Jr., dec'd., appraisers: Joseph Kent and William Hickman, creditors: Charles Graham and David Slater next of kin: Alexander Deale and Richard Deale, Jr., administratrix: Liddsy Deal.

    Chronicles Of The Scotch-Irish Settlement In Virginia, Vol I, pg. 144
    Mar 15, 1768, Alexander Deale received a Hemp Certificate, Entry #491.

    In 1769, Alexander Deale paid taxes on 46 acres at Newington and 25 acres at Islington, in Calvert Co., MD.

    Scotch Irish Migration to South Carolina, 1772, pg. 61
    Jan 6, 1773, Elizabeth Erving 65 acres in fork of Saludy and Broad in Craven Co., 35 acres in fork of Little and Broad Rivers, Craven Co., bordering Alex Dealey.

    Laurens Co., SC Deed Book A, pg. 134,
    Apr 7, 1785, Alexander Deale left in his will to his two sons, Clement and Alexander Jr.,
    "150 acres on which I now live in the fork of Banks Creek, Laurens Co., SC and slaves".
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Alexander Deale, I (1708-1786) MD-VA-MD-SC
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   William Deale (1647-1731) SCT-FIF-MD
[2.01  4]   Elizabeth ’Eliza’ Stallings (~1655-1718) MD
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   Alexander Deale (1625-1655) FIF
[2.02*  ]   Richard Stallings (~1630-1703) LIN-MD
[3.01*  ]   Margaret Ramsey (1630-1655) FIF-SCT
[4.01   ]   Lavaria Kingland (~1630-)
Generation 4
[4.02*  ]   Anthony Kingland (~1594-)
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