Sarah Johnson

  • Public Comments (from all member trees) Oops! An error occured. Please try again later.eshown1 Strange16476: the tombstone is indeed that of Sarah, wife of Richard, in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Conway Community, Leake Co., Miss. However, she was née Johnson, not Pilcher. Richard's application for an Indian Wars pension plainly states his wife was Sarah "Sallie" Johnson at marriage and gives the date of marriage. The marriage license of Richard to Sallie Johnson was issued on 6 April 1837 and the marriage was performed on 10 April 1837, according to the return filed in Sumter Co., Ga., Marriage Book 1, p. 39. Sarah (Johnson) Minshew was named for her paternal grandmother Sarah (Mrs. Martin Johnson Sr.) who may have been née Sarah Pilcher (Pilchers were involved in settling her estate). Would you mind sharing your evidence for the Pilcher connection? (I may be contacted through Ancestry under the username eshown1.)
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