Louisa Jane West

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    Louisa Jane West
  • Eliza Jane Smith Eliza Jane Smith was the daughter of Ellison and Lucinda West. Her grandparents were Nehemiah and Jane Hoffer Pollitt natives of Maryland and Virginia. At an early age Nehemiah and Jane emigrated to Kentucky and were married in 1829. They moved to Indiana with Lucinda and her two brothers in 1834 and located in Hanover Township, north of Morristown. Eliza Jane was born in 1850 in a log cabin which stood a short distance south of Gwynneville on what was later known as the Pitts farm. She was the oldest of a large family, two sisters and five brothers, Ann Smith, Susan Hayes, Parker, Alec and Walter West (names of two brothers unknown). Eliza Jane spent her entire life in Hanover Township, most of it in Gwynneville. Eliza Jane was 11 years old when the Civil War, and a cruel twist of fate, put Ellison West, her father, in the army. Homesick, Ellison took an unasked leave of absence from the army to visit his family. The family never saw him again. (From the Civil War files of Ellison West), March 21, 1865 Ellison West, Co. E. 79th Indiana Regiment Parole Corp. near Vicksburg to wife Lucinda, Taken prisoner near Huntsville, AL., marched 200 miles to railroad. Taken to Salem from the to Chaba. Kept in stockade for several days, no blankets, not much to eat. Sent by rail to Jackson, MS. Then marched to Vicksburg where we are living well now. Hope to be home soon. April 25th., cruel fate again met Ellison West. Bound for home on the infamous Sultana, he was one of the 1600 who died in one of the worst marine disasters in history. Eliza Jane met Tobias Smith (1844-1924), a Civil War veteran, Co. A. 146th Division, who was one of the first to enlist, when Abraham Lincoln sounded a call for men. Tobias Smith served his country until the close of the war. Eliza Jane and Tobias were married Aug. 17, 1871. They enjoyed over half a century of wedded bliss. Mr. Smith worked at Gwynne s Mill. In 1881 Eliza Jane and Tobias bought a house and lots on King Street in Gwynneville, where they raised apples. The house is still lived in today. Eliza Jane and Tobias had three children, Almina, 1872, Mary, 1875 and Paul who was born on Almina s 18th birthday, Oct. 24, 1890. Almina had six children: Raymond, George, Tom, Wayne, Kenneth, and Emma Wilcoxon. Mary had one daughter: Fern Poston Henderson. Paul had six children: Lois, Russel, Jane, Amy, Sue and David Smith. Tobias died while working in the yard, June 1924. Eliza followed in death one week later. They are buried in Hanover Cemetery. Submitted by Amy Smith Whitmer. (From Shelby County, Indiana: History & Families, compiled and produced using available information by Mark A. Thompson, the Shelby County Historical Association, and the publisher; Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, Kentucky; 1992; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 91-67150; see pages 404-405; see record #915-P.)
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Louisa Jane West (1850-1924) IN
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Allison West (1824-1865) KY-IN-TN
[2.01  4]   Lucinda Jane Pollett (1824-1898) IN
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   Richard West (~1794-) MD-VA-KY
[2.02  5]   Nehemiah Pollitt (1787-1851) MD-KY-IN
[3.01*  ]   _____ Sarah (~1797-) VA
[4.01*  ]   Jane Hooper (1790-1850) VA-KY-IN
Generation 4
[2.03  6]   Jonathan Pollitt (1736-1816) MD-VA-
[5.01*  ]   Eunis Narcissa Pollitt (1756-1835) MD-VA-
Generation 5
[2.04  7]   John Pollitt (1688-1749) MD
[6.01*  ]   Mary Marthuess (1692-1771) MD
Generation 6
[2.05*  ]   Thomas Pollitt (~1652-)
[7.01*  ]   Margaret Polk (~1652-)
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